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Buy 160mm Soil Pipes and Fittings (6 inch soil pipe) at EasyMerchant

We stock 6 inch 160mm soil pipe and fittings here at EasyMerchant. We keep black and grey colours and have all the common fittings in stock. If there’s a fitting or requirement you have that isn’t listed on our website then feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help!

Additional Information on the 160mm Soil Pipe

Welcome to our broad range of 160mm underground drainpipes and fittings, appropriate for a range of applications. This collection of available connections allows for a multitude of options with regards to function and shape.

Our pipes & fittings are also obtainable in different angles, so irrespective of your pipe system design, we’ve got you covered.

160mm Drainage System Explained!

160mm drainage systems and fittings are mostly found in private commercial properties, foul discharge and non-adopted wastewater systems, aside from residential and domestic properties where systems need larger volume (for example, in shared-system or terraced properties).

Easymerchant’s drainage system is obtainable in 160mm and 110mm. The system is intended for use in wastewater installations and gravity drainage at depths of up to 10 metres. It consists of an all-inclusive range of fittings suitable for most applications and can integrate with all of Easymerchant’s below and above ground drainage systems.

Features and Advantages of the 160mm Drainage System

160mm drainage system is frequently used for a collection of pipe runs from a small group of properties. Nevertheless, it can similarly be employed on lengthier pipe runs for single units since the fall can be lower than what you would typically get with a 110mm drainage system. 

  • Offers an effective way of foul discharge and sewage drainage from appliances.

  • Fittings have an appealing contemporary look, and are compact in size and adhere to the British Standard specifications.

  • Colours Obtainable: Grey, Black and White.

  • Push-Fit joint through a creatively designed system.

  • All-inclusive range of fittings suitable for most installations.

  • Mass-produced in PVC-U to give a long-lasting and hardwearing product, easy to work with and lightweight and ideal for high temperature waste discharge.

  • This drainage system is compatible with all other leading manufacturers’ 160mm drainage systems.

Why EasyMerchant?

  • Many Years of Experience

We provide our customers with expert knowledge acquired through many years of combined experience.

  • Better Quality Products

We stock products that are up to BS EN standards and products, which are fully compatible with one another. We only supply 160mm six-inch drainpipe and fittings that hold a BS4660: 2000 and EN1401-1 kite-mark, with an industry-leading fifty-year guarantee. Order with certainty, knowing that our reliable products will render trouble-free installation and best performance.

  • We’re Local

We are proud of the work we do and have established ourselves in the community we serve, helping us maintain a competitive edge and stimulate business.

  • Our Products Are Reasonably Priced

We use our industry connections and purchasing power for bulk product acquisitions to be able to bring down the cost.

  • We’re Honest and Reliabile

We have built long-standing and deep relationships with our esteemed clients as a result of the continuous efforts of our friendly and responsive teams.

  • First-rate Customer Support

Our customer care representatives are quick to respond and always happy to help.

  • Anti Modern Slavery Policy

We’re devoted to ensuring that there is no modern slavery in our supply chains or any part of our business.

  • We Network

Please know that when you view supplies on EasyMerchant, they have been selected from a buyers standpoint so that the finest products have been selected, not just the inexpensive.

  • Fast Response To Requests & Critical Response Time Guaranteed

We get back to you quick, so your order is delivered to your building site on time and in superb condition ready to perform the task at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it secure to use a credit card when ordering online from EasyMerchant?

Yes. EasyMerchant uses an accredited, secure system for online ordering that is utilized worldwide.

What is the delivery lead-time?

Easymerchant Limited carries plenty of stock of these items so you can always look forward to speedy delivery.

What colours are available?

The most common colour is black, followed by grey and then white. However, there are other colours available. So, if you are after one of these decorative colours then feel free to contact us and we’ll source them for you.

Which essential tools and accessories do I need for DIY installation?

Having the right basic power tools, building tools and hand tools is an absolute must for any job on hand.

What is the life expectancy of a 160mm Soil Pipe?

Many installations of 160mm drainage pipes are already reaching 50 years of successful service. Estimated useful life is 50-100 years.

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EasyMerchant offers a full and broad range of drainage, plumbing and guttering products, including wastewater treatment products and rainwater systems. We only source quality guaranteed products from the leading manufacturers and strive to provide the best solutions providing you with technical specifications and handy installation guides where necessary.

Our stocked high-quality products are on a twenty-four hour delivery schedule and our experienced, responsive UK based customer service crews are always ready to help. We’ve decades of experience in customer service, e-commerce and drainage.

So for an easy, safe shopping experience always go with EasyMerchant. Fast, Free delivery is available for all orders above £120/ex VAT. Feel free to create an account when placing your order and check out our wide range of 160mm drainage fittings.