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Gas Pipe Ducting

For the protection of gas mains pipes. Gas warning tapes and ducting accessories are also available. We keep in stock twinwall ducting in all colours for use in all common applications. All duct pipe sold online at EasyMerchant has been tested and approved for use in the UK.

More information on yellow ducting:

As part of our enormous twin wall ducting range, we carry a host of different sized ducts and accessories.

Can't see the exact part or size you need here? Don't worry! Get in touch with the team and we'll track down anything that you need. If it's out there - we'll find it - and you can be assured that it'll be at a great price too.

HDPE gas ducting

Our range of HDPE (high density polyethylene) ducting is designed to offer maximum protection - while still being light and easy to work with. This is what's made yellow gas twinwall coils the preferred choice over other materials.

HDPE is perfect for this - allowing for a smooth inner bore that makes pulling in quick and easy (especially since there's a draw rope already in place) and the corrugated outer layer makes the duct highly resistant to its surrounding environment, even heavy notching doesn't represent a problem.

We can offer ducting in twinwall coils or rigid lengths - and both the 6m lengths and our 50m ducting coils are available in a variety of diameters.

Installing your products

As with all similar products, it's absolutely vital that installation is done correctly. The ducting you use should always be yellow in colour, perforated, vented according to gas regulations and marked out with the appropriate warning tape.

It's important that you never use other types of MDPE product as a duct.

Your product should always be laid in a straight line - laid on a prepared bed or soft ground - with the first 100mm backfilled with imported finefill.


High density polyethylene is the perfect material for the construction of these products - owing to a range of qualities the material has.

This type of polyethylene is inert, which makes it ideal for underground use. Inert essentially means that it does not react to chemicals around it - and while these products are unlikely to be exposed to chemicals directly, it does mean that any naturally occurring chemicals in the ground surrounding it will not deteriorate the plastic at all.

As well as being inert, HDPE is also extremely hardwearing - enormously impact resistant - so if it's ever struck when the groundwork is carried out around it, it will take a lot of pressure to cause a fracture that disrupts the line inside.

HDPE is also very light - which means it's very easy to work with when it gets to you on site - and it significantly reduces the cost of shipping in the first instance.

Yellow gas accessories

As well as our range of ducts, we've also got all the accessories you'll need to complete your job. From couplers to end caps and the warning tape you'll need to lay in the trench to avoid future digging problems. We've got you covered.

Of course, if you find you need something that you can't see online - get in touch and let us know. We're in direct contact with a host of suppliers and manufacturers daily - so if it's not in stock, we'll be able to track it down and get it to your site quickly.

We're always happy to sell individual items too - so even if you're looking for caps or clips that are usually sold by our competitors in packs of 5 or 10, you'll be able to find individual items at rock bottom prices here at EasyMerchant.

Always high-quality ducting

Our prices might be cheap - but that doesn't mean we compromise on quality. When you purchase through us, you can be confident you're getting UK-made, high-quality materials that will stand up to whatever comes their way.

We're in the trade, so we understand how important it is to be able to walk away from a job knowing the parts are right. As such, everything we sell meets British standards carries the appropriate kitemark.

Our service promise

We work hard to set ourselves apart from other online retailers - and we aim to do that through exceptional customer service.

We know there are other trade materials providers providing products out there - which is why we go out of our way to help in any way we can. Whether you're browsing on your phone and need contact us by email - or even if you're up to your knees in water in a trench, we're just a phone call away to discuss the best product for you needs.

Our knowledgeable staff members understand your trade - so they're able to answer your questions quickly and accurately. Of course, we won't always have an answer immediately - so if there's something we're not 100% certain about, we'll go away, find the information you need, then get back in touch ASAP.

It's the commitment to great service that has so many of our customers recommend EasyMerchant to friends and colleagues. They know they can confidently recommend us - knowing their friends will get great service, outstanding quality items, and all at the UK's very best prices. If you're not sure, check out our range of exceptional reviews on TrustPilot - where you'll see countless happy customers talking about what's kept them coming back to EM.

We buy in bulk - so you don't have to

Some of our customers are looking to fulfil huge installation contracts - whereas others are simply looking to complete a small DIY style job. Whichever you are, you can be absolutely confident you'll always get the best possible price from EasyMerchant.

This is because we don't offer bulk discounts - instead, we offer every customer the lowest possible price. We negotiate huge discount from our manufacturers and suppliers - and we pass those discounts on with every order.

There's no minimum order value either - so whether you're carrying out a quick DIY project or fulfilling a huge customer contract, we'll get you the materials you need, as quickly as possible.

Free shipping over £120

Remember, when your order value reaches £120, you qualify for free shipping - so if you need to stock up on parts for an upcoming projects - or just need to make sure your stores are full so you can react quickly to the next job that comes in, you'll save on post and packing when you shop here at EasyMerchant.

Ordered something incorrect?

Don't panic if you've ordered something that doesn't quite fit the bill when it arrives with you. As long as the item is in its original packing and fit for resale, we'll take it back - subject to a restocking charge.