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Compression MDPE Pipe Fittings

We keep MDPE Pipe Fittings for every need here at EasyMerchant. They’re all WRAS approved and high in quality. They simply screw down and compress onto the pipework to create a water tight seal. Don’t forget to use pipe liners inside the pipe to stop leakage.

If you’re after an item that’s out of stock, then please email us as we can bring them in for you.

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More Information on MDPE Fittings:

EasyMerchant has one of the broadest ranges of WRAS approved alkathene pipe fittings available with dimensions ranging from 16mm to 900mm, pressure ratings 0 bar to 25 bar, requiring nearly all present pipe ranges, imperial and metric such as polyethylene, lead, copper and galvanised. We pride ourselves on the quality of our fittings and our high quality of delivery service and after sales support.

MDPE Compression / mechanical fittings provide solutions for connecting PE pipes to the water supply, used for conveying water and other fluids in inter-urban and urban infrastructure, industrial, mining, landscape, farming in addition to optical fibre duct systems. The fittings are designed to withstand working pressures of up to 16bar, and these fittings are manufactured in all common diameters.

How to fit MDPE Water Compression Fittings:

Looking for a guide on how to use WRAS approved MDPE pipe fittings? MDPE pipework is simple to work with - so we explain the process in a few steps:

For Diameter Sizes 20-110mm

  • Insert liner into pipe (metric 20mm-63mm only) and slacken nut till half the thread is visible

  • Push MDPE pipe into the body of the fitting, through the nut, split ring, and ‘O’ ring

  • Tighten the nut firmly: Hand tighten onto the pipe

  • 20mm (½”) – 32mm (1”), on pipe 40mm

  • (1 ¼”) and above use a compression fitting pipe wrench.

Note: For pipe diameters 40mm and above, chamfering and lubrication of the pipe will be needed to help ease insertion of the pipe into the fittings. Use a silicon based lubricant).

We also keep in stock universal transitional couplings. It is a great choice when it comes to joining MDPE water pipe. These couplings are so versatile they can join virtually any run of pipe together.

How to Join MDPE Pipes:

After isolating the water supply, the MDPE pipe needs to be cut squarely and cleanly, this can be done using a hacksaw but for a neater cut a dedicated plastic pipe cutter should be used. After cutting, the pipe ought to be de-burred before inserting the cut end into any fitting.

Most fittings require the use of a pipe insert for MDPE pipe. It's vital that a pipe insert is used for all other types of joint as the joint could easily fail if the insert is omitted. The inserts stiffen the pipe to stop the compression fittings squeezing the pipe and causing leakage.

  1. Push the inserts into each end of the cut pipe

  2. Unscrew the caps from the coupler or bend of the compression fitting

  3. Remove the grab rings (if any)

  4. Put the unscrewed caps over each end of the pipe

  5. Push the pipe inside the compression fitting until it stops

  6. Pull the caps back toward the fitting over the pipe and tighten them.

MDPE fittings FAQs

Are MDPE pipes safe for drinking water?

Yes. MDPE pipes and compression fittings are WRAS approved and certified for potable water applications.

What does the abbreviation MDPE stand for?

MDPE stands for Medium Density Polyethylene.

Are MDPE pipes a green solution for piping?

Yes. MDPE water pipes are recyclable, and they preserve water, as there is no loss of water through the fused joint.

Is anti modern slavery part of your policy terms conditions?

Yes. We’re dedicated to making sure that there is no trace modern slavery in all our supply chains or any part of our business.

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