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Water Pipe Ducting

We sell coils of blue twinwall ducting which are used to protect water pipes when they’re buried under ground. Our water duct pipes are manufactured in accordance with UK regulations. We also sell a complete range of ducting accessories such as warning tapes as well as drawcords.

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More Information on Blue Twinwall Duct (with draw rope) for the Protection of Water Mains when Buried Underground.

Don't forget - we can supply a huge range of water ducting products - so even if the parts you need aren't listed, our customer service team will almost certainly be able to track them down for you.

picture of blue water duct pipe

Coils of water duct protect MDPE mains water runs as they're buried underground. They come complete with a drawcord and coupler/joiner and has a ribbed outer surface and a smooth inner surface.

A mains water supply "pulses" underground as different volumes pass through it. This increases the risk of wear and tear on the materials, and can sometimes cause breakage or leaking. This is why it must be protected within a suitable system.

Water ducting is coloured blue warn anyone who may be digging up the ground that a mains water supply is installed inside. A warning tape should also be used as further protection.

It is available as twinwall coils in lengths of 50m. They are generally available in sizes from 63mm to a larger diameter of 110mm. These products require very little set up time, are impact resistant, and are very flexible - so minimal jointing is required. Twinwall products provide the benefits of a single-walled product together with vastly improved toughness and durability. The coil meets is specified strength ratings by retaining the correct thicknesses throughout.

All blue water ducting coils are coloured to match NJUG recommendations. We supply it in 6 metre lengths and 50-metre coils. The inside is smooth to prevent catching when pulling through the duct. If required, installing two seals ensures a watertight joint.

Features and Advantages of HDPE Water Pipe Ducting

⦁ Internal smooth bore stops snagging
⦁ Flexible and lightweight, easy to transport
⦁ Impact resistance at low temperatures
⦁ Durable and strong as a result of its corrugated profile

Complies with BS EN 61386-24. BBA approved.