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Blue Water Twin Wall Duct Pipe Coils

Buy coils of blue twinwall ducting for the protection of water mains pipes. We maintain twinwall ducting in most colours to be used in all applications. All our water duct pipes are produced in accordance with UK regulations and are approved for use in the UK. We also maintain a complete range of ducting accessories such as underground mark tapes along with drawcords.

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More Information on Blue Twinwall Duct Pipe for the Protection of Water Mains when Buried Under Ground.

Coils of blue duct to protect MDPE water mains as they're buried underground. The pipe comes complete with a drawcord and coupler/joiner and has ribbed outer surface and smooth inner surface.

When the water mains "pulse" underground it increase the risk of wear and tear on the materials, this can sometimes cause breakage or leaking. This is why it must be protected within a suitable pipe ducting system.

It comes with a blue colour to warn anyone who may be digging up the ground that a water main is installed inside the duct. A warning tape should also be used as further protection.

It is available as twin wall coils of blue duct in lengths of 50m. They may be seen in diameters from 63mm to a large diameter 110mm. Blue duct coils are supplied with a draw cord allowing the installer to pull the water mains pipe through the blue duct with minimal effort. It requires very little preparation and it's impact resistant and contains joints for an effortless setup.

All blue twin wall ducting coils are supplied complete with draw strings. it provides the benefits of a single walled product together with vastly improved strength and durability. The coil's durability ratings are fully satisfied by their wall thicknesses.

They're supplied to match NJUG recommendations - in this case it is blue to signify that the mains are protected inside the duct. It can be provided in 6 metres lengths or 50 metre coils. The inside wall is smooth to prevent the water run catching when it is pulled through the duct. If required, a joint could be done by utilising two pipe seals.

The twinwall water duct is made from the same machines as the other cable ducting systems such as electric cable duct that can be found within this category on EasyMerchant. The only real difference is the colour to warn anyone digging what is contained inside.

Access chambers are also kept in stock at EasyMerchant and can be found in the relevant section in the menu, we also stock the galvanised steel lids and covers to complete the system

Regulations for Installation:

Where the water supply run enters a construction or runs under a construction, it has to be found inside the right duct for accessibility. The duct size used is most commonly in 63mm or 110mm in diameter. There must not be any markings for utilities on the duct, including gasoline, electricity, or electrical.

The ducting for a supply pipe ought to be laid before the bases are completed to enable the run to be inserted within the protective twinwall once the foundations are finished. The duct ought to be laid below the final ground level of the property at a depth of 1350mm max and 750mm minimum.

When sealing the duct a sealant or a removable seal should be used at each end of the duct. Do not use an oil based sealant, expanding foam, or another sealant that could harm the pipe. Some contractors use a thin layer of sand or cement, but care is required to prevent contact with the water pipe. It could be better to utilise a 'sterile end cap' with a hole with a grommet to permit the water pipe to pass through.

The backfill should be lined with selected earth or sand not rubble. The trench must be wide enough for your pipework, using a distance of at least 350mm from services such as gas or electricity. If you haven't used an approved contractor, you'll need to notify the local authority when the pipework is complete so that they can set up an inspection. Until this has been completed the trench should not be backfilled.

Joints or fittings cannot be used to the supply run when inside a duct. Joints should be of an approved substance and not solvent-based.

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