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Blue Water Twin Wall Duct Pipe Coils

Buy coils of blue twinwall ducting for the protection of water mains pipes. We maintain twinwall ducting in most colours to be used in all applications. All our water duct pipes are produced in accordance with UK regulations and are approved for use in the UK. We also maintain a complete range of ducting accessories such as underground mark tapes along with drawcords.

More Information on Blue Twin Wall Duct Pipe for the Protection of Water Mains Pipes when Buried Under Ground.

Coils of blue twin wall water pipe duct to protect blue MDPE water mains pipes as they're buried undergound. The pipe comes complete with a drawcord and coupler/joiner and has ribbed outer surface and smooth inner surface.

It comes with a blue colour to warn anyone who may be digging up the ground that a water mains pipe is installed inside the ducting.

Water pipe ducting is available as twin wall coils of blue duct pipe in lengths of 50m. They may be seen in diameters from 63mm to 110mm. Blue duct coils are supplied with a draw cord allowing the installer to pull the water mains pipe through the water duct pipe with minimal effort. It requires very little preparation and it's impact resistant and contains joints for an effortless setup.

All blue twin wall water ducting coils are supplied complete with draw strings. Our blue water twin wall ducting pipe provides the benefits of a single walled product together with the ultimate strength and durability. The twin wall water duct coils are blue and durability ratings are fully satisfied by their wall thicknesses.

They're supplied to match NJUG recommendations - in this case the pipe is blue to signify that water mains pipes are protected inside the duct pipe. The pipe can be provided in 6 metres lengths or 50 metre coils. The inside wall is smooth to prevent the water pipe catching when it is pulled through the water pipe ducting. If required, a joint could be done by utilising two pipe seals. Find low priced coils of blue wall water supply pipe ducting for the protection of MDPE water mains pipes at EasyMerchant. The pipe has ribbed inner surface and outer surface and comes complete with a draw cord.