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Can You Paint Plastic Guttering?

image of can you paint plastic guttering

It goes without saying that plastic is one of the most used materials in the building industry and is particularly popular when it comes to guttering systems. Due to modern technology, using plastic is easier and more cost effective than older solutions like steel or aluminium. This means that plastic and PVC are a far […]

Effective Horse Arena Drainage Plans 

image of effective horse arena drainage plans 

An efficient drainage system is a fundamental element of a horse riding arena, and therefore needs to be a key consideration during the planning process before you begin construction. This is because poor drainage will not only negatively impact the performance and lifespan of your arena’s surface, it could also compromise its safety too. In […]

How to go About a Ducting Installation the Right Way

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Twinwall ducting is used by installers to ensure that pipes and cables running towards or away from a system are protected against externalities that may affect the way that they should be functioning. Ductwork also indicates to an installer that there is important underground drainage in place, further meaning that it will be left alone […]

What Is Barrier Pipe

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A barrier pipe is a strong type of water pipe that is often used in the place of MDPE (medium density polyethylene) pipes in areas that have contaminated soil, this is because MDPE is not strong enough to keep contaminants out. It offers more protection than an MDPE water pipe as it is structurally built […]

Fixing a Soil Pipe Leak

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A soil pipe system performs a fundamental function in every home and while they are extremely durable by design, soil or waste pipe leaking can occur due to a number of causes such as a loose connector, damaged joint, broken rubber seal, or underground drainage pipe cracks. Fortunately, a leaking soil pipe shouldn’t cause too […]

How To Join Plastic Guttering

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One of the most common issues that can occur with gutters is water leaking from specific points across a roof drainage system, which can be particularly problematic after a heavy bout of rainfall. Unfortunately this usually happens as the result of poorly joined pipes and gutter fittings, which means it is essential to ensure that […]

Using a Sewage Treatment Plant 

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For locations that are not connected to the main sewage system, an off-mains solution is of course essential to accommodate the needs of visitors and residents. This applies to temporary living accommodation in rural sites such as camping areas, as well as a small number of residential properties that can be classed as ‘off grid’ […]

Avoiding a Blocked Soakaway System

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Soakaway systems are a commonly relied on solution for dealing with standing surface water, as they enable you to channel rainwater from your drainage system into buried soakaway crates which then slowly and steadily disperse it into the earth. This efficient method for dealing with surface water run-off offers a viable alternative to redirecting it […]

Horse Arena Construction

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Where to build your arena Some people have more options when it comes to Building arenas due to space, than others, so in order to choose the right location for your horse arena there are various things that you must think about prior to the actual construction. There are some that you will have thought […]

How Do I Know What Size My Soakaway Should Be? 

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A soakaway system enables you to collect water and then slowly disperse it into nearby soil without putting additional pressure on any run off and drainage systems, which is particularly important in areas with higher than average rainfall. Installing a soakaway is fairly straightforward and requires little maintenance – you simply need to dig a […]

Dealing With a Drain Collapse

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Failing to properly maintain a underground drainage system will inevitably lead to issues, and in the most extreme cases it may even cause a collapsed drain, which is where a drainage system undergoes so much pressure – usually from flooding caused by frequent blockages – that it collapses in on itself. This costly and disruptive […]

Underground Drain Pipe Sizes

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When it comes to underground drainage pipes, there are not only different types to suit different applications, there are also a wide range of sizes too. In this guide, we outline which pipes are right for various types of jobs, and highlight the pipe diameters that are available. Land Drainage Pipe Coils Land drainage pipe […]

How Does a Rainwater Diverter Work?

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If you’re looking to save costs while also contributing to the conservation of our planet, a rainwater diverter is an easy to install option for any home or commercial property. In this brief article we explain how they work, the benefits of fitting a diverter, and how you can add one to your guttering system. […]

Choosing the Right Material and Gutter Profile Types 

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By directing rainfall away from a building’s roofing and foundation, guttering is absolutely essential to protect any property, however when purchasing gutters for a building project you shouldn’t simply choose whichever colour or style you personally prefer – it is important that you select a material and shape that’s specifically fit for purpose to ensure […]

All about Drain Testing

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There are two main methods for a drain test; the air test and the water test. The not so common are the smoke testing and mandrel testing method. All the tests are conducted in order to fix and overlook a newly installed plumbing and drainage systems. This is important because each section of a plumbing […]

How to Install Channel Drainage

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If you’re looking to prevent standing water on a large paved, tarmacked or concrete area you may be considering installing channel drains to connect to an underground drainage pipe. A drain channel provides a neat, tidy and fairly simple channel solution – but unless it’s installed properly, you might not get the result you were […]

Everything you need to know about Twinwall Drainage Pipes. 

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Twinwall pipe is designed to carry surface water below ground and can also be used for non-pressurised surface applications, such as a rainwater harvesting system. It is one of the most commonly installed surface water drainage systems. The pipes are made for the purpose of strength and are made using HDPE (high-density polyethylene). This type […]

The Ins and Outs of Underground Ducting

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A quick guide to Underground Ducting Underground cables and pipes are essential for the vast majority of commercial and residential buildings, enabling vital utilities such as electricity, gas and water to flow to and from properties, and providing fundamental connections to internet and telephone services. They also help to ensure that everything from street lights […]

Wondering What the Different Colours and Uses for MDPE Pipe are?

blog post image of colours and uses of mdpe pipe

Colours and Differences of MDPE Pipe It is handy to know the uses of MDPE (medium-density polyethylene) pipe as simply there are a lot of them. They are the perfect alternative to traditional materials like copper, which lead to savings on installation’s, making a project as efficient as possible. The toughness of the MDPE pipe […]

Solvent Weld and Push Fit Pipes – What’s the Difference?

blog header image of solvent weld and push fit pipes – what’s the difference

If you’re renovating a bathroom or kitchen or wanting to fit a shiny new appliance in, you’ll need to consider your waste systems, and more specifically your waste pipes. These are the pipes that connect to things like baths, showers, sinks, and other appliances, and that then connect to the main soil pipe, eventually going […]

What is a Biaxial Geogrid? 

blog picture of what is a biaxial geogrid

A biaxial geogrid is a geosynthetic compound made out of polypropylene polymers and are primarily used to reinforce and stabilise soils. They are made through a series of procedures including crossway stretching, lengthway stretching and extruding. This production process ensures that all the geogrids have high tension resistance along with a high tensile strength, which […]

170mm Industrial Guttering Exceeds Expectations on Agricultural Building – Case Study

blog post image of 170mm guttering exceeds expectations on agricultural building

The high-strength, 170mm Industrial Guttering system from Kayflow has been put in place on a large agricultural building in Shropshire. The Grey Industrial guttering system has been used to restore and improve the shed’s original rainwater system.  The owner of the small farm, Mr Tom Farmer, needed an improved guttering system with higher volume to […]

A Guide To Soakaway Systems

soakaway systems blog post image

If you have surface water pooling around buildings due to heavy rainfall, installing a soakaway could solve some of your drainage problems. A soakaway is basically a big hole dug into a garden that collects excess rainwater and makes it drain away into the ground more gradually, rather than letting it all rush in and […]

What is an Inspection Chamber? Our Guide.

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Inspection chambers, more commonly known to people outside of construction and drainage industries as a manholes, are a vital part of any underground drainage system. They function as an access point, allowing maintenance workers to inspect and clear drains and sort out any blockages. Inspection chambers allow people into the underground system to perform maintenance […]

A Guide To Metal Guttering

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When you need guttering for your next project, then plastic is probably what springs to mind, but you might be surprised at the benefits of the different metal systems available and pleasantly surprised at the cost of them too when considering the advantages they offer over their plastic counterparts. There are tons of different types […]

Gully Drains Explained – Buyer’s Guide

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What is a Gully Drain? A drain gully, or gully traps or gullies as they’re often called, are drains that catch surface water like rainwater and grey waste (wastewater from your dishwasher, washing machine, shower, etc.). As well as keeping out debris and preventing drain blockages, they let this wastewater drain away while keeping rodents […]

Geotextile Membranes Explained

blog header image of easymerchant geotextile membranes explained

What Are Geotextile Membranes? Geotextile membranes are a type of fabric that can be installed into the ground to create a protective membrane. They can be used in a wide range of situations and have many benefits, from landscaping projects to construction, but are typically found in drainage and engineering projects. They are also commonly […]

How to use an air admittance valve

blog header image how to use an air admittance valve

What is an air admittance valve? Air admittance valves, durgo valves, AAV’s or air inlet valves as they are sometimes known, allow air into the soil stack system without letting air (and thus smells) out. This stops a vacuum in the pipework and allows the waste to drain easily without letting smelly gasses out inside […]

5 Tips for Laying Geotextiles Flawlessly

blog post image for tips for laying geotextiles flawlessly

5 Tips for Laying Geotextiles Flawlessly Here at EasyMerchant, we buy our geotextile membranes in huge quantities, so we can pass big discounts on to you. That said, no matter how much you’re paying for geotextiles, you definitely want to make sure you’re getting the installation right first time. You don’t want to have to […]

Foul Water Drainage & Surface Water Drainage: What’s the Difference?

blog image of foul water drainage & surface water drainage what’s the difference

What’s the difference between Foul Water Drainage and Surface Water Drainage? Properties generally produce two different kinds of water into the surrounding drainage. Firstly, there’s foul water drainage – that’s the waste that’s produced by sinks, toilets, washing machines, and so on. In addition to foul water, there’s also surface water – generally, that’s the […]

Septic Tank Regulations 2022 – Are You Compliant With The New Legislation?

blog image septic tank regulations 2022

If you’re building, reside in, or own property off the mains drainage network it’s crucial that you’re in the know about the changing septic tanks legislation. In an attempt to take measures against water pollution, the Environment Agency has laid down General Binding Rules, which means that after January 2022 you will have had to […]

How to do a Percolation Test for Soakaways / Septic Tanks

blog image of how to do a percolation test

In this guide we’ll go through the basics of performing a percolation test. which is a necessity if you’re going to install a septic tank or soakaway crates system. What is a Percolation Test? Wikipedia says “a percolation test (colloquially called a perc test) is a test to determine the water absorption rate of soil (that is, its capacity for percolation) […]

How to Join Different Types of Plastic Pipe. Ring Seal, Solvent Weld, Compression, Electro-Fusion and more Explained!

blog image of how to join different types of plastic pipe

Find out How to Join Different Types of Plastic Pipe & Fittings Easily With Our Online Guide! At EasyMerchant, we carry a huge range of plastic piping; so we’re often asked about connection methods. With this in mind, we’ve put together a quick glance guide that’ll walk you through how to connect the following types […]