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Septic Tank Regulations 2020 – Are You Compliant With The New Legislation?

regulation changes to septic tanks 2020

If you’re building, reside in, or own property off the mains drainage network it’s crucial that you’re in the know about the changing septic tanks legislation. In an attempt to take measures against water pollution, the Environment Agency has laid down General Binding Rules, which mean you’ve until 1 January 2020 to upgrade or replace […]

How to do a Percolation Test for Soakaways / Septic Tanks

featured image for 'how to perform a percolation test for soakaways or spetics tanks' on easymerchant's blog

In this guide we’ll go through the basics of performing a percolation test. which is a necessity if you’re going to install a septic tank or soakaway crates system. What is a Percolation Test? Wikipedia says “a percolation test (colloquially called a perc test) is a test to determine the water absorption rate of soil (that is, its capacity for percolation) […]

How to Join Different Types of Plastic Pipe. Ring Seal, Solvent Weld, Compression, Electro-Fusion and more Explained!

how to join different types of plastic pipe. ring seal, solvent weld, compression, electro-fusion and more explained! image 1

Find out How to Join Different Types of Plastic Pipe & Fittings Easily With Our Online Guide! At EasyMerchant, we carry a huge range of plastic piping; so we’re often asked about connection methods. With this in mind, we’ve put together a quick glance guide that’ll walk you through how to connect the following types […]