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Purchase 160mm Drainage Pipe Online from EasyMerchant

Our 160mm drainage pipe systems are made in the UK and are Kitemarked to show their conformance to British Standards. This means they’ve been tested and approved for use.

More Information on 160mm Drainage Pipe:

EasyMerchant's 160mm underground drainage pipe (6 inch) is for use with sewerage and underground drainage pipe systems for gravity based waste water drainage. It may be installed to depths up to 10 metres and is appropriate for both domestic and industrial solutions.

Six inch, or 160mm sewer pipe and fittings is the second most commonly bought size after the four inch or 110mm. This is because 110mm is suitable for most domestic properties, but 160mm pipe is required for the main run of sewer that would go down the street connecting all of the houses to the main sewer system.

Whats in the range?

It's a large range of products including the lengths of pipe in 3 or 6 metres, couplings to join the pipes together, bends and junctions to change directions or to branch off into another direction, reducing junctions to accept an incoming length of a smaller size, access caps and manhole chambers for inspection, rodding points and more.

How is it made?

The pipe is made in an extrusion machine. The raw plastic materials are heated and melted, then pushed through a void creating the extrusion. The newly extruded length will now pass through a controlled cooling phase, where it is carried through water as it shrinks down to the correct size. The ends of the pipe are then "blown" to create a socket, where a rubber seal is inserted ready for connection. The seals on our pipes come pre-lubricated to save time on site.

Fittings are made in an injection moulding machine. Where molten plastic is injected into a mould under very high pressures, and then let to cool into the required shape.

What is it made from?

The lengths and fittings in this range are all made from PVC plastic because it is easy to cut and light weight, yet has very strong chemical resistance properties as well as heat resistance and resistance against expansion and contraction.