Underground Drainage Systems, Pipes & Fittings

We source our Underground Drainage Pipes and Fittings from a UK Manufacturer. All products are tested, approved and kite marked to prove their quality and acceptability for use in the UK. They are selected for their mix of high quality and low price making these fittings the best bang for buck possible.

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At EasyMerchant we keep a huge range of underground drainage pipes in stock in 110mm, 160mm, 200mm, 315mm, and 400mm size diameters, meaning we can source almost any item for any underground drainage system.

We can also provide channel drainage too!

What Is a Sewerage System and How Does It Work?

A sewerage system provides an efficient means of removing sewage and foul discharge from above ground guttering that connects to drains installed in the home via the roof as well as surface water from the floor. A sewerage system consists of a variety of drainage products such as bends, couplings, gullies, cover and inspection chambers.

All of these parts will integrate with EasyMerchant's stock of above and below ground products and suit most installations.

At EasyMerchant, we highly recommend you choose a sewer system that is Kitemarked and manufactured to BS EN 1401 Standards like the range we offer to ensure the highest quality and that it is fit for use in the UK.

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What Are Drain Products Used For?

Drain products are used for surface water clearing, underground systems and services, and underground sewer product systems. A sewer is an underground system for transporting sewage and rainwater from the home and/or commercial buildings (although not stormwater) to treatment centres or disposal through a series of underground drainage pipes.

Drain products can be used for both domestic or industrial purposes and almost all homes will have these built or attached to their home through a series of pipes that are connected below the surface and home.

What Sizes Do These Ranges Come In?

At EasyMerchant, our drains come in a variety of sizes and we stock a massive range to meet most needs.

We stock the most popular and commonly used which is 110mm (4 inch), as well as 160mm (6 inch), 200mm (8 Inch), 315mm (12 inch) and 400mm (16 Inch) products. Our range of products come in 3 metre or 6 metre lengths and is made from high quality UPVC plastic that conforms with British Standards and is extremely durable.

Some variations are also made from cast iron and these are also popular. Cast iron piping has the benefit of being much more durable and can withstand a greater load however they tend to be shorter in length.

Unlike plastic, cast iron piping generally takes longer to setup as it is harder to cut or join.

Bends also come in a range of different angles (degrees) and the manhole bases come in a range of sizes from 320mm and 470mm, with 110mm and 160mm outlets.

The manhole base risers are 225mm high. Some sizes may take longer for delivery than others.

How Do You Lay Drainage Pipes?

You place drainage underground by installing it into a dug trench that is lined with pea shingle. The depth of the trench must conform to UK standards and is usually 300mm wider than the width of the length itself.

The underground drainage pipes are almost always terracotta in colour to make their identification easier in comparison to those above ground, and all points in the system should be accessible for troubleshooting, inspection and cleaning.

The other main parts that you may need to install may be an inspection chamber, rodding eyes, rainwater adaptors and gullies.

After you have placed the drainage underground and connected it all, everything is covered up again with pea shingle and then the soil which was dug out initially too.

A number of brands of manufacturers make pipes however not all conform to British Standards (ours do!) or make the coupling of different components possible.

Whether this is a domestic or industrial installation, the work should only be carried out by trained and knowledgeable professionals as it involves the digging of groundwork which can damage or disturb other underground systems or structures. This applies for channel drainage products too.

What Is The Invert Level?

The invert level is the level at the crown of the piping + the internal diameter of the piping + it's wall thickness.

The invert level is necessary when calculating level measurements, gradients as well as flow velocities.

What Different Items Are Available In This Range?

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EasyMerchant also sells products that make the installer's lives easier, such as adjustable bends and adjustable bottle gullies.

We also have additional associated products in ranges such as non-return valves, flexible couplings/adaptors, and even warning tapes and sewer blockage alarms! All of our range of products are supplied at a fantastically low price and we won't be beaten on quality or service either. All the fixings, sealants, lubricants, and accessories are also available allowing you to buy all the products you need for the job at hand.

Why You Should Buy From EasyMerchant

All of our range of products come with the simple 3-step promise that you will not be beaten on price, quality or service. We offer highly competitive prices as we source direct from the manufacturer which means you save money with big brand names.

We also give bulk discounts on big orders with regular offers running on our website with a view to help you save money. You can also get free shipping on orders over a certain amount with super fast delivery to help save you time.

We accept major credit cards and forms of payment and supply across the UK.

If you have a big order or require further support, we're always on hand to help you find exactly what you need.

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