Manhole Covers

Manhole covers and frames come in a variety of types, with different sizes, shapes, weight classes, and material used. At EasyMerchant the top sellers are the plastic manhole covers used for foul or rainwater drainage systems, but also heavy duty manhole covers for use in car parks, roads or similar. We also keep recessed manhole covers for use with block paving or patio areas.

As well as keeping pedestrians safe, manhole covers also provide inspection access for construction professionals, so you want to make sure that the cover you choose is up to the job and while being easy on the pocket.

Not only can you expect some of the best prices on the web when you buy through EasyMerchant, but you can also look forward to fast and accurate delivery in the UK.

BSI testing certificate to prove manhole cover quality

Additional Information on Manhole Covers

There are several dozens of types of manhole cover and frame products for a range of applications, for example from plastic, cast iron or ductile iron, galvanised steel or composite products all at different shapes and prices. Feel free to search through our sewer covers categories in which the manhole covers have been sorted to make finding the correct man hole covers, tools or products for plumbers easy for you.

Manholes covers and frame products are a valuable construction element that provides several functions for the drainage system of pedestrian areas, driveways, car parks, and roads with traffic and pedestrians. Usually fitted onto an inspection chamber made of durable material, the manhole covers enable a maintenance contractor or plumber to gain access to telecom lines or an inspection chamber for the drainage system and do his job.

We try to keep the price of our manhole covers as low as possible to allow for low cost installation and maintenance.

Manhole covers are commonly used in a driveway or even a garden as well as patios. Their weight is different depending on the materials, size, and type you pick. Our variety of products will make your plumbing service work easy.

manhole cover being tested for quality and load rating


Can a square lid manhole cover be fitted into a circular chamber?

Yes, there’re a few cover products that are round to square, meaning they’ll fit and work in round or square chambers and manholes. That's no problem. These include the 300SR, and the T1G3, to name a few.

Why did a forklift break my heavy-duty lid?

Well, a forklift has rock-hard wheels, which exert pressure differently to typical pneumatic, so your manhole cover frame strength must be specifically designed to suit this.

How do I know which size I need?

All sizes are measured by the clear openings diameter inside the frames, as the width is the only true constant between manufacturers’ designs apart from different weight classes. Double-check that you're ordering the correct size of the space you have, as there are a number of different sizes available and you don't want to risk ordering the wrong one if you don't have a good idea of the size you need.

I have the correct measurements of my clear opening size, but I can’t find a match, why?

This is because your manhole cover is old-fashioned and in imperial measurements. However, we can provide custom-made solutions with covers made to the exact specs you need, including the correct load rating or in a custom measurement.

Can you give me any pointers on the installation process?

If you still have any more questions after reading this comprehensive guide, feel free to get in touch with us. Search for our contact page to contact us and talk to a person that can help you make the right choice.

I need to get into my access chambers regularly, is this possible?

Of course, some manhole covers for contractors have inbuilt lift keys. However, the best way to get easy access for maintenance is to order lids with hinges for replacement.