Recent Update

We’re still open and operating as normal! Phone lines are manned for a few hours a day, as we are busy picking and packing deliveries with a skeleton workforce. Emails are up and running and enquiries are being answered from home, so please direct contact via email where possible for the time being.

We keep huge volumes of product in stock, so although most manufacturers are shut or running on a reduced service we are able to continue operations as normal.

However – we are running on skeleton staff, and taking extremely cautious precautions to allow for social distancing and basically eliminating any human contact throughout the pick / pack / loading stages.

This coupled with the fact that most other merchants have now shut down, so we are extra busy, it does mean that we are feeling the strain. 

We still expect all orders to arrive within the stated time frame, however please do allow some extra time as a precaution due to the exceptional circumstances.

We hope all of our customers are well and urge everyone to stay safe until we are back in the clear!

Building plastics, drainage, ducting and more at easymerchant

We try to make lives easier for builders, tradesmen and contractors across the construction industry by offering an easy, trouble free way of ordering pipework systems and building materials direct to the building site. We believe that by saving our customers time, effort and money, they’ll have no excuse to buy elsewhere!

We do this by ordering in huge bulk quantities direct from the manufacturers and quickly and accurately picking and packing our orders and shipping them out direct to the building site. This saves our customers time as well as stress as they can order the goods and relax knowing they’ll be on site soon.

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Easymerchant Limited

Here at EasyMerchant we believe in the so called “Service Triangle”. For anyone hasn’t heard of this before, it’s the connection between price, product and service. Out customers tell us that these are the three key factors that if met, wins their repeat business. Unfortunately, this would appear to have been lost on some of the other internet merchants out there, and the internet is full of cheap products, cheap staff, and an even cheaper delivery service. Here at EasyMerchant Limited we use our years of industry experience to optimise the entire process. We use our long standing connections with industry leaders to create an unbreakable network geared solely for your satisfaction. We use our buying power to buy products in huge bulk quantities direct from the top manufacturers, and then we pass those savings on to you. We will carefully pick and pack your order, before sending it out for delivery on a specialist vehicle whenever possible.

Twinwall Drainage

Manufactured in HDPE, Twin wall Drainage Pipe includes a smooth internal bore with a corrugated external wall, providing outstanding impact resistance giving strong strength and a long working life. Used for agricultural uses & civil engineering as is available in perforated or solid forms. 100-900mm sizes in stock. All of our Polypipe Rigidrain products are BBA approved.

Soakaway Crates / Attenuation Cells

Interlocking modular cells, produce strong, long lasting, water attenuation or soakaway systems of almost any size, form and thickness to suit every type of ground substrate and climatic situation. They provide a space for capturing surface water run-off from surface drains and roof gutters. We maintain both Brett Martin Soakaway Crates and Polypipe crates in stock. Making sure that you plenty of options.

Geotextile Membranes

Our geotextile membrane solve many different environmental problems. Our geotechnical solutions have become increasingly popular for civil engineering projects in recent years. There are five basic functions that can be provided using geosynthetics materials: separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage and containment. We keep woven and non woven geomembranes in stock.

Sewage Treatment Plants

We keep high quality Harlequin Sewage Treatment Plants in stock in our yard here at EasyMerchant. All treatment plant prices include the delivery cost in the product price and they’re delivered within 5 days on a professional vehicle. Harlequin are known for their excellent product quality and innovative product designs.

Barrier pipe

Barrier pipe is used for supplying drinking water through brownfield sites (polluted land) or on building sites that have potential for future contamination, ie: petrol stations. It’s made up of a standard PE80 or PE100 pipe on the inside (for transporting the drinking water) then it is wrapped in an impermeable metal (aluminium) barrier layer (to prevent contaminates from getting inside) and an outer layer of polyethylene protection.

Underground Drainage Pipe supply high quality underground 110mm drainage pipe and fittings and inspection chambers from leading manufacturers including Brett Martin and Kalsi Plastics. All our drainage sewer pipes come with the relevant testing and accreditation. Including BS4660:2000, EN1401-1, BBA, and WIS. Our products are interchangeable with other leading UK manufacturers products.

Land Drainage Pipe

Designed for the successful management of land water, helping the agriculture and the sport and leisure businesses, our systems are manufactured from HDPE or uPVC and also are kitemarked to BS 4962. They’re flexible, strong and simple to install supplying excellent water flow.

Twinwall Ducting

Manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE). Twinwall ducting has a smooth internal wall and ribber outee wall. We keep cable ducting, water pipe ducting, and gas pipe ducting. It is flexible and lightweight. All coils contain a draw-string for attaching draw cord to enable pipes or cables to be pulled through the duct after it has been installed.

Septic Tanks

We keep all sizes of Harlequin Septic Tanks in stock in our yard at EasyMerchant, including options for any number of inhabitants from 1-14. These septic tanks are manufactured in Ireland and are regarded as some of the best on the market.


Full ranges of plastic guttering and cast iron guttering and cast iron downpipe. Half Round gutter, deep flow guttering and industrial guttering in 160mm, 170mm and 200mm Good quality guttering from only well known industry leading manufacturers.

Soil Pipes & Fittings

We keep a full range of 110mm soil pipe and soil pipe fittings in black, grey and white. We keep both push fit and solvent soil, with solvent soil coming in olive grey. Both systems are compatible with other British standard products. We also keep all fittings including the popular air admittance valve.

Drainage Channel

We keep all of the commonly used plastic drainage channel in stock, for residential (domestic) use or heavy duty drainage channels for car parks, roads, petrol station forecourts and much more. We also keep channels with galvanised grids or plastic grids to suit all requirements.

Cold Water Storage Tanks

Conventional cold water storage tanks also known as attic header tanks are offered in a broad selection of capacities and cistern types such as loft water tank, round water tanks and rectangular cold water tanks. Our Cold Water Storage Tanks are the ideal alternative for new builds or those involved with maintaining, replacing or improving facilities.

Pan Connectors

We keep many different types of pan connector in stock for direct connection between the toilet and the 110mm soil pipe. We keep both cost effective Viva pan connectors as well as a Polypipe system for jobs where Polypipe have been specified.

Waste Traps

Need a new bath or bottle trap? We stock a lot of different types so you’re sure to find one for the purpose you require. Even including anti-syphon traps and flexible taps to fit appliances found in wetrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more. All of our traps are tested and suitable for use in the UK, sourced from well known manufacturers.

Oil Tanks

Carbery bunded oil tanks, single skin and fuel point tanks now available at extremely competitive prices coupled with a speedy delivery service. Also available are single skin oil tanks and fuel point tanks, along with smart meters that keep you in control!

Waste Pipe & Fittings

We keep solvent weld waste pipe, push fit waste pipe, compression waste and overflow pipe in sizes 10-50mm and black, white and grey in colour. All are high quality cost effective solutions. We also keep a large range of sundries including solvent cements and pipe cleaners

Manhole Covers

Manholes enable maintenance employees to obtain access to telecom lines and pipes. Here at EasyMerchant we maintain a broad assortment of Manhole Cover, including heavy duty manhole covers, plastic manhole covers and recessed manhole covers. We have all load capability ratings from all the way around F900 for use in docks and airports made by the leading manufacturers in the industry today.

I’ve known Adam a long time and when he told me of his new venture I couldn’t wait to begin placing orders. I have done, and as expected I have been looked after each time. I usually order Twinwall Drainage or Ducting, but I’d be very confident in ordering any product from Easymerchant. Highly Recommended.

Graham Smith

I’ve been ordering from Easymerchant for a little while now. Every time the order has arrived as stated, well packaged, and on time. Even more importantly at a great price. I’ve ordered everything from Twinwall to Underground Drainage to Geotextiles and I have never been unimpressed.

Rebecca Manson

I order all of my underground drainage, twinwall duct and twinwall drain from Easymerchant. I don’t see any reason to go elsewhere as the orders always arrive on time, well packaged and complete. The guys are very knowledgeable and will stop at nothing to solve any issue or answer any question. If you’re looking for a new drainage supplier I’d look no further.

Sarah Haithwaite


Picture of EasyMerchant drainage sales icons


We are an online builders merchant with the simple aim of making your life an easier one. By keeping on top of our stock levels to carefully packaging your order we want to make sure you feel looked after, because as we know, good service is everything. We source only the highest quality products with the relevant specifications to make sure they’re suitable for the job. We have many years of industry experience and will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

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COMPANY VAT NO: 294540092

Why EasyMerchant?

Because we’re available! Need to call us? We’ll answer it. Want to email us? You’ll get a reply. Placed an order? Well – expect it to arrive on time and in good condition! On the rare occasion that you do run into an issue? Then you can expect us to put it right with the minimal of fuss! That’s why we named ourselves EasyMerchant – We differ from our competition because we make your life an easier one.

Our customers have told us that they usually shop online to find cheap products or because they’re in a hurry to get hold of them. So we decided to buy large quantities in bulk from top manufacturers and pass the savings on, keeping our prices low and also couple this with an efficient and fast delivery service.

We’re certain that you will enjoy your experience using EasyMerchant, and should you have any issues at all, please just let us know, we’ll look after you.