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Domestic Channel Drainage With Galvanised Grid

Domestic Channel Drainage (Galvanised Grid) x1m


Twinwall Drainage Fittings

Twinwall Drainage Sealing Rings


MDPE Compression Fittings

MDPE Pipe Liner


Electrical Twinwall Ducting

63mm Twinwall Ducting Coupler


MDPE Compression Fittings

MDPE Watermains Plug Adaptor


Black MDPE Non-Pottable Water Pipe Coils

63mm Black MDPE Non-Pottable Water Pipe Coils


Twinwall Drainage Pipes

Perforated Twinwall Drainage Pipe x6m


100mm Half Round Cast Iron Guttering

100mm Half Round Cast Iron Top Fix Gutter Bracket


115mm Victorian Ogee Cast Iron Guittering

115mm Victorian Ogee Cast Iron Right Hand External Stop End


110mm Underground Drainage

110mm Screwed Access Cap


Push Fit Plumbing Fittings

Push Fit Brass Lever Valve 15/22mm


Solvent Waste Pipes & Fittings

Solvent Waste 92.5 Degree Swept Bend 32/40/50mm


Compression Waste Pipe & Fittings

Compression Waste 45 Degree Obtuse Bend 32/40mm


Budget Manhole Bases & Risers

Manhole Base 450mm x 160mm


Rectangular Cold Water Tanks

50Gal Rectangular Tank And Lid


Electrical Twinwall Ducting

178mm Twinwall Ducting Coupler

£129.50 £110.00



Domestic Channel Drainage With Galvanised Grid

1m Galvanised Channel Drain x72 – Full Pallet

£624.00 £501.00

110mm Underground Drainage

110mm Single Socket 15 Degree Bend

£2.40 £1.95
£7.99 £6.66

Domestic Channel Drainage With Plastic Grid

1m Channel Drain x72 – Full Pallet

£499.00 £388.00
£129.50 £110.00
£207.00 £199.00

Easymerchant Limited

We at Easymerchant believe in something called the “Service Triangle”. For those that haven’t head of this before, it is the connection between price, product and service. We believe you must achieve all three satisfaction in all of these areas in order to fully please a customer and win their repeat business. Unfortunately, this appears to have been lost on most of the other internet merchants out there and the cyber space seems full of cheap products, cheap staff, and an even cheaper delivery service.

Here at Easymerchant Limited we use our years of industry experience to streamline the process. We use our long standing connections with industry leaders to create an unbreakable network geared solely for your satisfaction. We use our buying power to buy in bulk and pass those savings on to you, and we carefully pick and pack your order, before sending it out for delivery on a specialist vehicle whenever possible.

Twinwall Drainage

Manufactured in HDPE. Twinwall Drainage Pipe has a smooth internal bore with a corrugated external wall, providing outstanding resistance from impact giving robust strength and durability. Used in applications for civil engineering & agricultural uses in solid wall & perforated. Sizes 100-600mm in stick. All of our polypipe rigidrain products are BBA approved.

General Purpose Ducting

Manufactured from uPVC to traditionally accepted dimensions, general purpose duct is a tried and tested, cost effective alternative to higher specification products. Given a good standard of installation it is ideal for use in light / medium duty applications. All ducts include an integral socket and accessories include bends, junctions, hockey sticks and end caps.

Land Drainage

Designed for the effective management of land water drainage, serving the agriculture and the sport and leisure industries, our systems are manufactured from HDPE or uPVC and are kitemarked to BS 4962. They are strong, flexible and easy to install providing excellent water flow.


Full ranges of plastic guttering and cast iron guttering and downpipes. Half Round and Square profiles in white and black and primed cast iron in half round and Victorian Ogee. Good quality guttering from only well known industry leading manufacturers.

Soil Pipes & Fittings

We keep a full rank of 110mm Soil pipes and fittings in black, grey and white. We keep both push fit and solvent soil, with solvent soil coming in olive grey. Both systems are compatible with other British standard products.

Cold Water Storage Tanks

Traditional cold water storage tanks also known as loft header tanks are available in a wide range of capacities and cistern types such as loft water tanks, circular water tanks and rectangular cold water tanks. Our Cold Water Storage Tanks are the ideal solution for new builds or those involved in replacing, maintaining or improving facilities.

Soakaway Crates / Attenuation Cells

Interlocking modular cells, create strong, flexible, water attenuation or soakaway systems of any size, shape and depth to suit every ground and climatic condition. They provide a 95% void space for capturing surface water run-off from roof gutters and surface drains. We keep both Brett Martin Soakaway Crates and Polypipe Soakaway Crates in stock. Making sure you have the choice.

Barrier pipes

Barrier pipe is used for safely distributing water through contaminated land (brownfield sites) or on sites with potential future contamination issues, ie: petrol station forecourts. It consists of a standard internal PE80 or PE100 pipe (for carrying the water) wrapped in an impermeable aluminium barrier layer (to stop contaminant ingress) and an outer polyethylene protection later.

Twinwall Ducting

Manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE). Twinwall ducting has a smooth internal bore, and a corrugated external wall providing excellent impact resistance, strength and durability. It is flexible and lightweight. All coils contain a draw-string for attaching draw cord to enable pipes or cables to be pulled through the duct after it has been installed.

Push Fit Plumbing

Full range of white and grey push fit (speed fit style) plumbing pipe and fittings available in all the necessary sizes. Our push fit plumbing systems are selected based on their ability to exceed quality standards.

Pan Connectors

We keep a large range of pan connectors in stock for direct connection between the toilet and the 110mm soil pipe. We keep both cost effective Viva pan connectors as well as a Polypipe system for jobs where Polypipe have been specified.


We supply a wide and comprehensive range of waste traps, including anti-syphon units and universal flexible wastes, to fit applications from bathrooms to wetrooms and kitchen sink traps to washing machines. All of our traps are manufactured by Polypipe and are of the highest quality standards.


Our geotextiles solve many different environmental problems. Our geotechnical solutions have become increasingly popular for civil engineering projects in recent years. There are five basic functions that can be provided using geosynthetics materials: separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage and containment. We keep woven and non woven geomembranes in stock.

Underground Drainage

Easymerchant.co.uk supply high quality underground drainage pipe and fittings from leading manufacturers including Brett Martin and Kalsi Plastics. All our drainage sewer pipes come with the relevant testing and accreditation. Including BS4660:2000, EN1401-1, BBA, and WIS. Our products are interchangeable with other leading UK manufacturers products.

Channel Drainage

A wide range of linear channel drainage systems are available to suit loading classifications according to BS-EN 1433 – (drainage channels for vehicular and pedestrian areas). We can supply level depth and built in fall units to suit all circumstances. Domestic (5T), A15, B125, C250, D400, E600 & F900 Specs available

Oil Tanks

Carbery bunded oil tanks, single skin and fuel point tanks now available at extremely competitive prices coupled with a speedy delivery service.

Waste Pipes & Fittings

We keep solvent waste, push fit waste, compression waste and overflow waste in sizes 10-50mm and black, white and grey in colour. All are high quality cost effective solutions. We also keep a large range of sundries including solvent cements and pipe cleaners.

On Sale Items

Although here at Easymerchant we do not work on high margins, we still want to reward our customers when they buy in bulk, and for this reason we’ve added an on sale section to our store. here you will find a selection of items grouped into bulk buy deals or special deals for your convenience.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us now and we’ll try to source it for you!