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Purple Twinwall Ducting for Motorway Communications

Purple twinwall ducting pipe for the protection of motorway communications cables. We keep twinwall ducting in all colours for use in most applications. All of our duct pipes are created in accordance with UK regulations and are approved for usage in the United Kingdom. We also keep a full assortment of ducting accessories including underground mark tapes and drawcords.

More Information on Purple Twin Wall Duct Coils for Motorway Communications Cables:

We offer a full assortment of cable protection systems designed for use with critical communications system cabling that is for use underneath motorways. Motorway Communications Ducting is available as dimensions 63mm and 110mm. Twin wall motorway communications ducting is a twinwall duct cable protection system with versatility and exceptional durability, which eliminates the need for purchasing bends separately.

It has joints for easy installation and needs very little preparation - and it's impact resistant, flexible and lightweight. All twin wall ducting coils for communications are supplied complete with a draw cord already installed.

Our purple twin wall ducting for motorway communications provides the benefits of a twin wall product together with extra strength and endurance. EasyMerchant's twin wall duct coils and 6m lengths completely satisfy toughness ratings for their compression strength and they're provided to match NJUG recommendations, in this case the duct pipe is purple to signify that communications wires are installed within.

The profile provides the product with added impact resistance and the inside bore is smooth to avoid any catching when pulling the motorway communications cables through. If required, a joint could be accomplished by utilising two pipe seals along with a coupling.