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Split Ducting

For your ease we supply split duct, which is a twinwall ducting pipe split in two vertically supplied with two cable ties and a coupler which is also split, to allow you to wrap around and protect existing cables. This is also useful for wiring through machinery or buildings. Split ducting is perfect for enclosing and protecting electrical cables in a tidy fashion.

Features and Benefits

  • Rigid two walled system retains a lot of strength, even if held only with cable ties.
  • This type of twinwall duct product includes a split which allows the conduit to be easily installed on pre-installed cable products.
  • The material compound the conduit is made out of is polypropylene (HDPE), the characteristics of this material are what make it the ideal selection for your ducting products. It doesn't react to water detergents or acids that means it won't corrode or break easily and has a high melting point. This material offers great durability, and isn't prone to breaking and will last for an extremely long time.
  • There is a coupler supplied for easy, quick installation using the cable ties.

Typical Applications

  • Protection of cables that are already installed
  • Split duct is for installing around cables, to provide new protection support.
  • Protection for wiring harnesses and looms
  • Quick protection on wires
  • Enclosing fibre optics
  • Cable tidying and direction

Can split duct be used for electrical wiring and cables?

Yes, Easymerchant’s split duct is a type of electrical conduit products.

Is split duct used as a repair system?

Yes, this is a common application for our split duct. Users will require a split version of regular twin wall ducting to place over existing broken ducting or conduit. The split, which runs vertically along the length of the product allows the two halves to be placed over an exiting duct, and held back together with the cable ties provided. This will offer extra protection for the cables within.

Do you keep split ducting in stock? And which sizes are available?

Yes, normally we keep split ducting in stock, but please allow us 2-3 days for delivery to site as a precaution just incase. We stock both 94/100mm and 150/178mm diameter and both are supplied in 3m lengths.