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Fibre Optic Twinwall Ducting

Green Twinwall Ducting Coils Available, for CCTV / Fibre Optic / Telecoms cables.

More Information on CCTV / Fibre Optic Twinwall Ducting:

CCTV twin wall ducting is manufactured in a green colour which denotes it's use as a protective pipe system for CCTV / Fibre Optic cable installations.High-density polyethylene (HDPE) duct is available in solid-wall, twin-wall smooth bore and single-wall corrugated profiles. It's lightweight, flexible, impact resistant, needs minimal preparation and attributes push-fit joints for effortless installation. All twin wall ducting coils are supplied complete with a draw string to make it easier for the installer to pull cables through the ducting. Our CCTV twinwall ducting delivers the benefits of a flexible product together with endurance and high strength. Both EasyMerchant's twin wall duct coils and 6m lengths are designed to satisfy the compression strength and are supplied in a variety of colours and markings to suit NJUG recommendations. Manufactured in polyethylene, the pipe is normally supplied in 6 metres spans or 50 metre coils. The profile is corrugated and adds strength to the product. The inside of the pipe is smooth to prevent wires getting snagged. If needed, a sealed joint might be achieved by utilising two profile seals and a push-fit coupling.