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Twinwall Fibre Optic Ducting

Green Twinwall Fibre Optic Ducting Coils Available, for CCTV / Fibre Optic / Telecoms cables. We keep stock of twinwall ducting in most colours to be used in most applications.

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Protecting Fibre Optic Cables

Fibre optic cables are both costly and fragile - so it's absolutely vital that they're protected when they're run underground. With this in mind, we carry a wide range of ducting products designed specifically for fibre cables.

What is fibre cabling?

Strictly speaking, a fibre cable is a type of IT system networking cable - the type used to transmit data in almost real-time across CCTV systems.

Although CCTV is the primary use for green twinwall products, most homes now have sophisticated internet routers and cable TV boxes designed to stream high-quality information from the internet, it's a type of cable ducting that's featuring more and more often in local streets and properties - a product type often used by companies like Sky and Virgin Media.

While there's no direct danger if fibre optics are damaged, fibre optic cabling is expensive - so it makes financial sense to ensure they're well protected - as well as making sure your security system stays up and running.

Why is fibre optic ducting green?

product picture of green hdpe twinwall ducting 6m cctv

Fibre optic cable protecting is coloured green - making it easily distinguishable from other underground ducting.

As well as the green colour to identify the ducting, you should always make sure there's a warning tape used to alert people who are digging to the presence of the duct. Although our ducting products are extremely tough - it's always better to avoid striking them in the first place! It's standard practice to use a 'CAUTION TELEPHONE LINE' tape to identify fibre lines.

cctv / fibre optic cable tape

Ducting to protect fibre cabling

To avoid costly errors when digging or installing fibre cabling, twinwall ducting should be used to protect the lengths you're installing.

Twinwall products are essentially a 'tube within a tube' design - a smooth, inner section that allows for smooth pulling-in and undisturbed cables - and a corrugated outer layer that protects against notching and impacts from the outside.

Ducting that's designed for fibre cabling is made from HDPE - or High Density Polyethylene. Since the polymers in HDPE are so tightly woven together, HDPE is extremely tough - and it can protect against significant impacts. As well as being strong, it's also incredibly light - which makes for reduced delivery costs and effortless installation.

HDPE is inert - making it tough and long lasting

As well as having the kind of tough physical properties that makes it ideal for protecting otherwise vulnerable cabling, HDPE is inert - meaning it does not react with chemicals that it comes into contact with.

While this might not sound like a concern, there are actually a significant number of naturally occurring chemicals that can cause underground ducting to deteriorate - but HDPE will not, offering a unbeatable life-span when compared to alternative products.

Lengths available

We can provide CCTV ducting in a variety of sizes, including:

Rigid 6m lengths - in either 110mm/94mm, 178mm/150mm, 266mm/225mm, 354mm/300mm (outer/inner diameter)

50m coils - in either 63mm/50mm or 110mm/94mm

Need a length or diameter you can't see here? Get in touch with the team and we'll track it down for you. If it's available, we'll provide it at an unbeatable price.

Why is EasyMerchant so cheap?

When you shop with EasyMerchant, you can be absolutely confident that you're getting the best quality products - all UK-made and kite-marked accordingly. So, how can we be so competitive when it comes to pricing?

It's all about how we buy our products. We buy in huge quantities - but we also appreciate that you won't always need huge quantities - so we pass our bulk discounts on to every customer, whether you're ordering a single 6m section - or enough ducting to install CCTV across a large industrial facility.