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112mm Cascade Cast Iron Effect Guttering by Brett Martin

Brett Martin’s Cascade Cast Iron Effect Guttering is the best on the market. We keep the entire range in stock and can deliver it direct to you at unbeatable prices.

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For a long time, cast iron guttering was the go-to choice for channelling rainwater off your property and into an underground drainage system. 
Back then, cast iron was the most cost-effective way of producing guttering products – so the weight of the product was overlooked; it was just a slight inconvenience of being able to add effective and long-lasting guttering products to your building.

Fast forward 100+ years and the need for heavy cast iron products has been removed, thanks to the invention of lightweight cast iron effect plastics. Plastic is cost-effective, easy to install, and can be produced and recycling in environmentally sound ways. Of course, a basic plastic guttering product doesn’t have the aesthetic appeal of cast iron – but the Brett Martin Cascade system does away with this problem - traditional cast iron effect guttering for the 21st Century.

Cast iron effect guttering and rainwater systems

Cascade cast iron effect gutting products offer the beautiful heritage looks of cast iron gutters – but with all the benefits of modern plastics. Cast iron effect products are cost-effective to ship, they’re easy to work with, and they’re even longer-lasting than the cast iron products that have inspired their design.

Of course, all cast iron effect Cascade products also meet the standards required by rainwater channelling: BS EN ISO 9001:2008 – so you can walk away from your installation safe in the knowledge that you’re fitting quality products that’ll last a lifetime.

What's more, Brett Martin Cascade cast iron effect products are backed up by a 20 year colour guarantee. The overall effect is a guttering product that’s hardwearing, long-lasting, easy to fit, and – above all – an attractive addition to any property.

Fitting cast iron effect guttering to your property

If you like the look of cast iron gutters but the idea of working with heavy products just isn't feasible - you'll be pleased to hear that fitting Cascade cast iron effect products is just as easy as installing a basic plastic system and require little more than hand tools.

Cascade cast iron style gutter systems are made up of the same fixings / accessories as any other gutter system - and they attach to your property in the same way as a half-round system. You'll be able to select the fascia brackets you need, the guttering runs, and the running outlets that'll connect your system to your downpipe - and ultimately into the property's drainage.

How to install traditional cast iron effect products

Cascade products are exceptionally easy to install. To start your cast iron effect installation, you should begin with careful measurements. Firstly, you'll need to make sure your running outlet sits squarely over your ground drain - but this is easily done using a plumb bob.

Fixing the traditional effect guttering cast iron effect outlet

When it comes to fixing the cast iron effect running outlet, you'll need to make sure you've allowed for enough fall to allow water to run out of the gutter across the full length of the installation. Generally this will mean sitting the outlet around 50mm under the roofline - but it may need to be a little lower for especially long buildings.

Fixing your first iron effect guttering cast bracket

When it comes to fitting brackets - you'll need your first one around 100mm-150mm from the end of guttering run on the fascia. Calculate the height you'll need to fix this bracket at to allow around 1mm of fall for every foot (or 3mm for every meter) between the end of the run and the outlet.

Fixing further cast iron effect guttering brackets

When your first bracket is in place, you can fix a taut line between it and the guttering run - using this as a guide for fitting further brackets. Generally, you'll need to make sure you've got a bracket for every 1m (around 3ft) of guttering - and you'll need to ensure there's an additional bracket within 150mm of any bend or angle too.

Getting your cast iron style guttering runs in place

With your brackets and gutter running outlet in place, you're now in a position to lift your guttering runs into their resting place. You'll notice there are securing lugs/clips on each bracket and your running outlet (as well as an union connections should you need them) - and your gutters will snap into place in these lugs.

First, slide the rear of the guttering under the clip at the fascia side of the bracket - then, while supporting the bracket, place enough downward pressure onto the front of the gutter run to snap it into place at the front-most lug.

Fitting a downpipe

With your gutter lengths in place, you then just need to connect the system to the drain. Using your plumb bob, you should mark a straight line down the wall from the outlet. This indicates where your downpipe will run. Again, you'll need to fit downpipe brackets - but these can be spaced at roughly every 1.8m (around 5ft 9 inches) owing to the very limited pressure placed on the downpipe.

The best possible prices for Brett Martin Cascade products

Looking for cheap Brett Martin Cascade products? You're in the right place. We negotiate the best possible prices from our suppliers - and we pass that discount on to you.

Expert customer service agents

We don't expect every one of our customers to have an in-depth knowledge of the Cascade range or guttering in general - and that's why we've got a team of customer service experts on hand to answer any question you might have.

It doesn't matter if you've got a problem with installation - or you're just selecting the right products for your particular building, we're here - and we're always happy to help you get it right.