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Pan Connectors

For easy connection from the back of the toilet pan to the drainage stack. We keep a huge range of pan connectors for suit every installation.

More Information on Toilet Pan Connectors:

Toilet pan connectors are designed to provide an easy to install connection between the toilet and the 110mm soil pipe.

Toilet pan connectors available include the 90-degree pan connector, toilet pan connectors, flexible pan straps and extreme pan connectors with a long bend. An offset pan connector is ideal for connections which have minor misalignment by way of example the swan neck pan connector features misalignment up to 5 degrees in any way.

Toilet waste connectors are fitted to the rear of the toilet pan and connected to the soil pipe and are a critical part of a bathroom system.

For an easy installation to connect the toilet back up into the soil pipe you will need to utilise a pan connector as this makes it really straightforward. You may need to trim the soil pipe a little. Afterwards push the pan connector on the pan and then push the toilet into place. Before pushing the pan connector to the soil pipe it is a good idea to apply some pipe lubricant as this makes it much easier to push it home.

Browse pan connectors from EasyMerchant's range of bathroom pan connector fittings to efficiently connect the toilet pan and soil pipe. Find many different pan connectors including flexible, offset and straight pan connectors from Polypipe and Viva.

It is possible to get extra length between connections with a pan connector extension or 200mm pan connector extension.

EasyMerchant supplies a range of WC pan connectors that offers a reliable solution for every application. We've chosen pan connectors made by Viva and Polypipe due to their mixture of high quality and excellent price.