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A Compatibility Chart for Different Types of Guttering.

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When your talking about the compatibility of different types of guttering it can often get a bit confusing!

We have put together a gutter compatibility chart to help you identify what system you can use in conjunction with what you may already have in place. Not all styles of gutter are the same and the slightest differences in the shape and the way that they are manufactured, can mean that one range of guttering will not correctly fit another one. This is why it is important to have a chart that you can refer to, which will help guide you with this.

It is always important that you choose the most effective guttering solution for your project because, having a compatible gutter system is paramount for both saving time, money and helping with the appearance and the style of your building! The job that you may be faced with could be a commercial job, an industrial job or a small job, but choosing the right gutter profile and fit is what you need to keep in mind, because this will mitigate the risk of leaks within the guttering system that could cause damage to your property or surrounding properties and buildings. Furthermore, knowing you have a compatible gutter will mean less maintenance is required in the future as everything fits as it should!

Gutter compatibility is important for aesthetics as well. If you choose to go with guttering that may not be compatible with what’s already in place, the end result of the job is probably not going to be pleasing to the eye. Everything from the weight, rainwater capacity, material, sizes and other features must be of the same specification as your guttering is to be compatible. Different brands often differ, but it’s important that the integral features of the guttering are the same and it can be hard to know without knowing all of the gutters and pipes in the UK.

Why use EasyMerchant?

Here at EasyMerchant we have staff with years of relevant industry knowledge who, for a long time, have worked closely with the manufacturers of the products that we offer. Including the guttering. So, if you need to know the proper information, then you can be certain that we will give you all of the information we know in order to answer the question. And if one of our experienced colleagues doesn’t know the answer, you can guarantee that they are likely to know someone who has done  so drop us an enquiry and we will ensure that it gets dealt with.

We have knowledge and can provide detail for all of our quality guttering ranges, which can be found using the link here!

compatibility chart for guttering easymerchant

As always, get in touch with us with your queries and questions and we will be happy to answer them and help you where we can!

Use the link below for a downloadable copy of the chart!

Download Compatibility Chart

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One thought on “A Compatibility Chart for Different Types of Guttering.

  1. avatar of seamus murphy
    Seamus Murphy says:

    What eave gutter bracket is compatible with a Marshall Trufflex RWKFB1.

    Do you stock these brackets in black ?

    What is the cost of same ?

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