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Illuminate Your Driveway with Eco-Friendly Wooden Driveway Lighting Bollards

stratton indirect bollard led light in situ photograph with easymerchant logo

How To Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting with Driveway Lighting Bollards

Key Takeaways:

  • Our range of driveway lighting bollards offer a lightweight, eco-friendly alternative to bulky, permanent concrete outdoor lighting.
  • All of the bollards are treated with Danish Oil when manufactured to enhance and protect the timber.
  • These timber LED bollard lights are suitable for both domestic and commercial use

If you are trying to achieve an aesthetically pleasing lighting solution for your property, a bollard LED light can offer you a well-lit area that not only improves the look of your driveway or outdoor space but can provide added safety and security. In this blog we will go through our range of wooden bollards and talk about their features and benefits as well as discuss the simple installation process.

A Natural Way To Bring Style To Your Outdoor Space

At EasyMerchant, we want to help you to attain a natural and eco-friendly answer to your lighting needs whilst also providing you with a stylish aesthetic that delivers an efficient and durable solution. All of our driveway lighting bollards are made using natural timbers such as Iroko Hardwood, Green Timber and English Oak (where possible wind felled to avoid cutting down trees unnecessarily) which can be recycled or left to naturally decompose at the end of their usefulness.

The wooden bollards in the range are coated with Danish oil to enhance and showcase the natural colour and grain of the wood. As with any natural timber, over time, it may crack, twist and warp, bringing out the unique character of each post.

Any of the bollards can be customised with logos, directional arrows and text if required.

Introducing EasyMerchant’s Collection of LED Lighted Wooden Bollards

The Stratton Eco Wooden Bollard with LED Lights

product picture of stratton eco wooden bollard with led lights

This collection offers four beautiful options of timber – Iroko Hardwood, Oak (often wind fallen), Larch and Recycled Laminated timber. They are perfect for various outdoor spaces including driveways, decking areas, pathways, car parks and commercial areas.

This wooden bollard is fitted with an energy efficient 1.3w warm white LED lamp unit and made from sustainably sourced timber to keep their environmental impact to a minimum. Constructed from durable materials to offer years of reliable service.

Dimensions: 94mm x 94mm x 1200mm (900mm above ground level)

The Sway Flow Timber Bollards with LED Lights

product gallery image of sway flow timber bollard with led lights installed outside in the dark

This wooden bollard offers a stunning combination of style, practicality and sustainability with it’s unique domed design and continuous band of ultra bright LED lights that follow the contour of the bollard. Crafted from locally grown timber.

Featuring a high efficiency LED strip and a 240v LED driver, the Sway Flow timber bollard offers a striking lighting option for all of your outdoor spaces. Ideal for car parks, driveways, commercial areas including caravan parks and country parks.

Dimensions: 140mm x 140mm x 1200mm (900mm above ground level)

The Stratton Single Wooden Bollard Light with LEDs

image of the stratton single wooden bollard light with leds in situ - oak wood

This lightweight and affordable LED bollard offers an attractive alternative to cumbersome concrete lighting bollards enabling you to bring a streamlined and effective lighting solution to your outdoor spaces.

Ideal for enhancing your garden paths, lighting your driveway and adding light to dark areas of your outdoor spaces.

Dimensions: 140mm x140mm x 1200mm (900mm above ground level)

The Stratton Double Indirect Bollard LED Light

product photo stratton double indirect bollard led light

This wooden LED bollard light can be is made to a generous size and features a downward facing light to minimise environmental disruption. Fitted with two warm white downlighters as standard and the option to have a coloured filter added to this, this bollard is ideal for nature reserves and woodland areas to help protect surrounding wildlife whilst still offering effective illumination.

Energy efficient LED lamps are fitted as standard and you have the choice of either Larch or English wind felled Oak to offer an attractive lighting option.

Dimensions: 250mm x140mm x 1200mm (900mm above ground level)

The Stratton Double Wooden LED Bollard

photograph of oak stratton double wooden led bollard in situ

This double wooden bollard offers a lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to bulky concrete and stainless steel bollards. Made using locally sourced timber and including two low voltage, energy efficient LED lamps to offer impressive lighting coverage.

Easy to install and low maintenance, this Stratton Double wooden bollard does not add to light pollution as the lighting is aimed towards the ground making them ideal for caravan parks and listed buildings as well as domestic properties.

Dimensions: 250mm x 140mm x 1200mm (900mm above ground level)

The Stratton Double Solar LED Bollard Lights

image of the solar panels on the rear of the stratton double solar led bollard lights

These solar LED bollard lights create an attractive and eco friendly lighting area. Comprising of two highly efficient solar panels featuring an intelligent controller to automatically turn on the light at dusk and off again at a set time*. A fantastic, sustainable addition to any outdoor space whether domestic or commercial.

The high efficiency LED lamps included in this wooden bollard post have bene downrated to 70% to ensure optimal battery life and emit 203 lumen. The solar panel is set within a recess on the back of the collard to avoid any knows with the controls housed within the post to keep a neat and tidy finish. Made using local, sustainably sourced timber.

Dimensions: 290mm x 140mm x 1400mm (1050mm above ground level)

*Please ensure that the solar panels are facing south and will be exposed to at least 3 hours of direct sunlight for optimal performance.

Installation and Maintenance:

Installation of these wooden bollard lights is fairly simple although we would always recommend using a qualified electrician to connect to the mains to avoid any mishaps.

  • Create and appropriately sized hole in the ground
  • Insert your bollard to the recommended depth and fix in place with postcrete or an appropriate concrete mix

Once installed, maintenance is relatively simple

  • Regularly wipe down the bollard surface with a soft clot to remove dirt, debris and cobwebs.
  • Regularly inspect the bollards for any signs of damage and repair or replace as necessary
  • To maintain appearance and prolong the life of your wooden bollard, reapply Danish oil every 12-18 months
    • Lightly sand the surface and wipe with a damp cloth prior to reapplication to ensure a smooth finish.

Benefits of using EasyMerchant’s Wooden Driveway Lighting Bollards

  1. Eco Friendly Construction: The use of sustainably sourced timber means that choosing one of these wooden lighting bollards is an environmentally conscious choice. At the end of their useful life, all of they can be recycled or left to naturally decompose.
  2. Stylish and Aesthetically Pleasing: The natural appearance of these wooden LED bollard lights provides a beautiful and complimentary addition to your outside spaces and enhances the overall appeal of your property.
  3. Long Lasting Lighting: These wooden bollard LED lights are designed to withstand the elements to give you years of reliable service.
  4. Energy Efficiency Built in: All of out Bollard LED lights are equipped with energy efficient bulbs to reduce the environmental impact of your lighting solution, we even offer a solar powered version!
  5. Customisation Available: With the exception of the Eco range, you can customise your driveway lighting bollard with a logo, direction arrows or specific text, just let us know what you need when you order!


Our range of wooden driveway lighting bollards offer a stylish, environmental friendly and durable way to illuminate your outdoor spaces. Whether you are looking to add light to your home or a commercial setting, we have an option that will suit with the added bonus of being able to customise your bollard to suit your specific needs! By choosing one of our bollard LED lights you won’t only be enhancing your home’s appearance but also making an eco-friendly choice that contributes to a greener future.

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