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Can You Paint Plastic Guttering?

image of can you paint plastic guttering
Key Takeaways:
  • In short yes you can paint your plastic guttering , however you will need to maintain the finish as it could fade or chip off over time. It is recommended to use an oil based gloss, and to clean the guttering using warm water prior to painting.
  • It may work out cheaper and less laborious to replace your guttering lengths.

There are no issues with painting guttering providing that you are using the correct paint for the job. We would recommend using gloss paint, which should be an oil-based mixture, and be sure that you apply the paint to a surface that has been cleaned with warm water. It is also possible to use a multi-surface paint.

Please note, however, that over time the paint will wear away. Therefore, regular maintenance will be required to ensure that there is no deterioration!

It’s worth noting that unless it’s a non standard colour you’re after, by the time you have bought the primer, undercoat and topcoat and then factored in the cost of labour for someone to carry out the work (or your own time if you’re doing the work yourself) it can work out to be an expensive endeavour. You may wish to consider replacing the guttering in uPVC as it can actually work out cheaper to simply replace the guttering lengths.

picture image of brown painted brown gutter

Why would you paint a plastic gutter?

Usually, homeowners will look into paining their plastic guttering when they find that their system has faded and is no longer aesthetically pleasing.

We recommend avoiding this by ensuring that you install a guttering system which has been treated for UV protection, and you can rest assured that all of the plastic guttering we stock is UV protected. These systems are also more rigid than a PVC system and therefore will be more resistant to weather conditions and should retain it’s finish for 20 years or so with no treatment.

Things to check prior to painting your gutters:

  • Prior to deciding to paint your guttering, it is a good idea to make sure that it is all in good working order. Replace any fittings that are leaking and any guttering lengths that have become brittle before you start any painting.
  • You will also need to check for the presence of asbestos if you are not 100% sure of the construction of your system and your property was built prior to 2000. If you require advice on working with asbestos, you can find this here, on the HSE website.

picture image of black painted half round gutter.

Choosing your Paint

For a lasting, high quality result you will need to ensure that you are using a paint that is designed for plastics. This will ensure that the paint you are using will adhere to the plastic, be flexible enough to cope with expansion and contraction in different temperatures and contain a UV stabiliser to ensure that the finish is resistant to fading in the sun.

picture image of pained victorian ogee guttering

What will you need to paint your plastic guttering?

  • Ladder (if paining the guttering in situ)
  • Sandpaper
  • Cleaning products
  • Paint brushes/rollers/sprayers
  • Methylated Spirits/Degreasing agent.
  • Primers, Undercoats and Paints
  • PPE
  • Dustsheets and masks.

What is the process for preparing the guttering?

One thing that we would always recommend is proper surface preparation. To do this, use your sandpaper to dull the shine on the plastic to help the paint adhere and also feather any rough edges whilst you are doing so. You can then proceed to clean your guttering thoroughly with soapy water and, if required, clean again with methylated spirit/degreasing agent to achieve a residue free surface.

Painting with multi-surface paint

As these paints generally self prime, you will require two coats to achieve an even finish.

The first coat acts as a primer to seal the surface and create adhesion ready for the second coat. Once the second coat is applied you will have adequate protection for your guttering and a smooth finish.

Painting with Oil Based Gloss Paint

  • Using a primer will help the paint to adhere to your guttering and aid in achieving an aesthetically pleasing finish.
    • For bare plastic – Treat the entire surface with a primer that is for use with plastics and allow to dry.
    • For previously painted plastic – Apply primer to exposed areas and allow to dry
  • Use an appropriate undercoat for your topcoat as above and allow to dry. (So as you are using an oil based top coat, you will need an oil based undercoat)
  • Apply your topcoat and allow to dry. Apply a second coat to ensure an even finish.

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