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A Quick Guide to Low Profile Drainage Channel

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A low profile drainage channel is an effective way to get rid of standing water while the lengths of channel themselves are more shallow and therefore are easier to install. The low channel profile means that there’s less digging out involved making it perfect for smaller jobs such as in front of a garage door or at the end of a small driveway. The load rating of our low profile channel drains are A15 (1.5 tonnes), which means they are specifically designed for pedestrian areas such as; patios, driveways and gardens. It’s known as a domestic drain channel for this reason. Furthermore the material used is polypropylene which means it is extremely resistant to moisture and is resistant to common chemicals that it may come into contact with.

Key Takeaways:

  • Low profile channel drainage is simply a channel drainage that is not as deep. Typically they’re 130mm deep, but a low profile section can be as shallow as 70mm.
  • Low profile channel drainage is easier to install as there’s less digging out involved, but will carry less water.

Where would you use a low profile drainage channel?

Low profile channels are primarily used in places such as driveways and paved areas in gardens. The reason they are used for projects such as these comes down to the fact that, often the amount of excavation needed to fit regular drain channels in is not ideal for a small area. In this case the lower depths needed for the slim channel drain becomes the better option for most jobs like this. We also have a blog on everything you need to know about driveway drainage for more on this.

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Channel drainage profiles and features.

Below are some of the main features of the low profile channel drain:

  • The lengths fix together with ease so that the low profile channel drainage can be assembled on the job with no hassle.
  • Our drains come with a unique clip feature which does not block with dirt, muck or silt.
  • The grate can be clipped down or screwed in depending on what works best for your job.
  • The gratings are block slot, Which basically means high heel friendly.
  • It has the ability to be cut to your desired length with ease and has reusable clips along the base.
  • The drain channel has multiple exit points with to go to 4 inch drainage pipe.
  • Comes with the option of a silver or black grate.
  • The external dimensions are 1000(L) by 120 (W) by 88 (D).

What are the differences between our lowest profile channel drain and our tougher channel drain?

At EasyMerchant we offer a variety of channel drainage solutions. From our low drain solutions such as the one spoken about in this blog, and drains with a larger channel profile to go into domestic areas such as airports and car parks. However it can get confusing when knowing the differences between the different kinds.

Our Premium channel drain is a heavier and larger version in comparison to the low profile drainage channel. If you have a larger area to drain, then our premium channel drainage would be a better option as it can carry a lot more water.

Different manufacturers offer different sizes but the most common size of channel drain has a length of 1 metre, a width of 120mm and depth of 130mm.

The channels are in place to accommodate the amount of water flow in said area. So for use in a garden or patio there would be no need to have larger channel profiles because there is not enough water flow to overwhelm a shallow drain. However in an area such as a busy loading park a more premium drain would be needed to accommodate both the weight of the vehicles and increased water flow.

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If you’re looking for tips on how to install channel drainage, then check out our how to install channel drainage blog post here. If you have further questions surrounding low profile drainage channel or any other of our underground drainage supplies then you can contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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