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How To Disguise Drain Covers In A Garden?

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As manhole covers conceal and protect the entrances to vital inspection chambers and underground drainage pipe systems, they are obviously an absolute necessity, however when they are located near or even inside a home or commercial building the fact is that they can be a bit of an eyesore. Unfortunately they’re also often positioned somewhere highly noticeable such as right in the middle of a garden, lawn, patio, or driveway, which can negatively impact an overall aesthetic.

Although it may seem like a tempting idea to simply try hiding a manhole cover underneath whatever materials or items will help to blend it into its surrounding area – such as gravel, soil, turf or even pot plants, flooring or carpet – it is strongly advised that manholes are left unobstructed to provide a quick access point for maintenance and repairs. This is particularly crucial in the event of an emergency. Instead, the alternative and highly effective solution to cover up and hide manhole covers is to install a recessed manhole cover, which can instantly improve the look of an area by disguising manholes without creating any implications for safe and convenient access.

Key Takeaways:
  • You can buy recessed manhole covers which are built to take a variety of infills such as block paving blocks or decorative stone, which helps to hide the manhole covers and blend in with the surroundings.

Infill options for recessed manhole covers

As with traditional cast iron manhole covers, recessed manhole covers are available in a number of different size and shape options, and they can be used externally or internally if a manhole cover is visible within a garage, porch area, or inside a larger commercial building.

They are also relatively straightforward to properly fit, usually at a similar cost to standard covers, but what distinguishes them is that they feature a specially designed lid with a built-in sunken tray which can be filled with a range of infill options to match their intended surroundings and ultimately hide a manhole cover as required. For example, the lid of an internal recessed manhole cover can be filled in with block paving, tile paving, concrete, screed or an epoxy flooring material depending on what best suits the surrounding surface of the man hole cover that needs disguising.

An externally installed cover can also be filled with block paving, concrete, screed and resin paving, as well as artificial grass, loose gravel or tarmac to allow it to blend in with its environment. If preferred, the trays can also be filled with real grass, however while this will result in a more natural look, it will require much more time consuming maintenance as it is unlikely to survive for very long and will need frequent replacement.

photograph of clark drain recessed manhole cover after installation

Choosing the right recessed manhole cover 

Once you have decided on the ideal infill option for hiding your manhole covers, it is also important that you select a recessed manhole cover that not only offers a suitable tray depth for the concealing material, but also offers the loading class that you need for the area where it is being fitted. Having a recessed cover doesn’t have a bearing on the class you will require, however you will need to check that the specific cover you are looking to use offers a suitable gross plated weight depending on whether its location will be a light duty pedestrian area, trafficked roads, main roads, or an extreme heavy duty area such as an airport.

product image of t113g recessed manhole cover

At EasyMerchant we stock a variety of recessed manhole and drain covers produced by leading brands with 3.5, 5 or 10 tonne load ratings. Suitable for a range of different applications – including pedestrian areas, internal drainage, landscaped areas, and driveways – our manhole covers have also been professionally tested to withstand specific weights of direct lift and come with a satisfaction guarantee with our easy 30-day return policy.

If you’re unsure on which product will provide the perfect solution for the job you have in hand or would like further guidance on manhole covers, our team is available to offer expert advice.

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