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How To Join Plastic Guttering

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One of the most common issues that can occur with gutters is water leaking from different points of the system which can be particularly problematic during a heavy bout of rainfall. Unfortunately this usually happens as the result of poorly joined pipes and gutter fittings, which means it is essential to ensure that the ends of all gutters pipes are properly connected when you are installing or repairing a drainage system.

It is generally recommended that you appoint a professional tradesperson to carry out a gutter system installation where connecting sections together is required as working at height can be particularly hazardous, however if you have some experience in joining gutters or you are confident that you will be able to complete the job with the right tools and guidance then in this post we share a few tips that may help you to get the job done.

Please note that this blog post specifically focuses on how to join guttering that is made from PVC, as the methods for joining other types of guttering can vary.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gutters are joined by using union brackets, also known as gutter joiners or couplers.
  • Gutter unions have rubber gaskets which create a seal to create a watertight joint.
  • They are simple to install by simply screwing them onto the fascia boards and pushing the length of gutter into them.

Benefits of Plastic Guttering

PVC guttering offers a number of advantages which is why it is usually the most popular option for roof drain solutions in the UK. It is not only more affordable but it also generally requires less maintenance than other types of gutters such as copper, aluminium or cast iron gutters. Plastic gutters are also very lightweight which mean they can be a lot easier to install. PVC gutters are also readily available from a wide number of stockists which makes it much more convenient when it comes to purchasing replacement or additional sections of pvc gutter and it comes in 2 metre, 3 metre and 4 metre lengths which can easily be cut to size as needed using a fine-toothed hacksaw.

It is also very straightforward when it comes to joining gutter that is made from plastic, and it can be easily achieved using joint brackets which again, are widely available and very inexpensive.

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What are Joint Brackets?

Also sometimes referred to as union brackets, joint brackets are a type of clip that can be used to effectively connect together two lengths of gutter. Each clips will usually include rubber gaskets (seals). Joint brackets and their rubber gaskets create a watertight seal between the lengths of gutter to avoid the issue of rainwater leaks above your home and garden.

As with guttering lengths, joint brackets also come in different styles and gutter profiles including half round, square, deep flow and ogee to suit varied types of properties and requirements.

Usually with the half round profile, the brackets will be compatible regardless of which manufacturer has made them. However the other profiles tend to not match each other. So always check first before you buy. We’ve created a gutter compatibility chart that you can use as a guide to help with this.

Fitting Joint Brackets

Fitting joint or union brackets is an uncomplicated task, and is fairly similar to using fascia brackets – just make sure you have the right equipment including the appropriately sized screws, a ladder, pencil, measuring tape, spirit level, and a drill or screwdriver. You should account for each bracket when you are taking measurements for your guttering installation, and it is recommended that the first union bracket should be no further than 150mm away from the end of the run. Once you have calculated how many fascia brackets you are going to need in total, you can then mark each point where they need to be fixed depending on the length of your gutter.

When you are ready to install the first bracket, just line it up against the first point that you have marked on the wall or fascia capping board and then carefully screw it into position via the pre-screwed holes making sure that you use of all the available screw holes to stabilise the bracket. Also make sure that you use the type of screws that are recommended by the manufacturer. When the joint bracket is in place, you can then fit the first guttering pipe into the connector by gently lowering it into place, making sure that the end is properly aligned with the insertion depth marked on the inside of the joint bracket and then applying light pressure until it snaps into place underneath the lugs of the bracket. You can then attach the next union bracket to the fascia and repeat the process until you come to the end of the run.

You should also always read through the specific fitting advice and instructions that are provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the union brackets that you are using as the fitting instructions may differ slightly. It’s also worth checking for brand-specific guidance on whether an expansion gap will be required as part of an installation due to a rising and dropping temperature which can cause thermal expansion and contraction of the system and ultimately lead to leaks. Some manufacturers also recommend applying silicone spray lubricant to gutter joint brackets before attaching them to plastic gutters.

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Low Priced and High Quality Brackets

We stock a wide range of rainwater drainage systems and products at EasyMerchant and every single gutter union bracket that we sell meets and exceeds British standards and carries a kite mark as testament to it’s high production quality. Our selection of union brackets are available in different gutter profiles and colours so you can find the perfect match for chosen gutter style, and because we buy all of our guttering components in bulk we are able to pass on the savings to you so you can be confident that you are getting the best price when you place an order with us.

Our expert team is also on hand to help with any further questions that you may have about the best way to join PVC guttering.

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2 thoughts on “How To Join Plastic Guttering

  1. avatar of amanda cunningham
    Amanda Cunningham says:

    There are two lengths of black plastic guttering which fit inside each other but keep coming apart as there is nothing to keep them together. I can reach them from bedroom window and pull them together but there is nothing to pressure them so they still leak. Which fixing will do this?

    • avatar of lainey wykes
      Lainey Wykes says:

      Hi Amanda,

      We would suggest using a gutter union bracket to join your guttering. These can be found in the relevant guttering category in our ship depending on the size that you require.
      If you already have a gutter union in place, it could be that the retention clip has snapped, if this is the case, we offer these here.

      I hope this helps!
      Kind Regards

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