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Aco drainage or Channel drainage?

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Key Takeaways:

  • A channel drain is a length of drain with a grate on one side to let water in and carry it away somewhere else.
  • It should be connected to an underground drainage system via the outlet on the channel drain.
  • It should be installed correctly as per the guide below.
  • The correct ‘load rating’ must be selected depending on where the channel will be installed and the traffic that will pass over it.

In this article we are going to be discussing something that often comes up. Aco drainage or channel drainage? There is a common belief that the two are different when in reality they are not. If you are unsure in any way about either of the products, then keep reading and hopefully we will be able to clear up any of your questions that you may have and, if not, at least you will have a wider understanding of them!

What is the difference between Aco drainage and channel drainage?

So, a good place to start would be to clear up any confusion about the differences between Aco drainage and channel drainage.

Aco is the brand name of a leading manufacturer of channel drainage. The reason that many people become confused on this topic is mainly because the brand has dominated the channel drainage market to a point where the product itself is known through a brand name. So, in reality, there is no distinct difference between Aco drainage and channel drainage because Aco drainage is channel drainage, but with a reputation! Think of it as the Ferrari of the channel drainage world. Whether you have an extremely well-known branded car or a regular car, the point remains that they will both get you to the same destination. The only real difference is that you are paying a higher price for the brand! This is something worth knowing if you are looking to save yourself a few pennies on a job.

Now that the ‘difference’ between the two has been cleared up, we can begin looking into the functionalities of channel drainage.

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What do channel drains actually do?

Channel drainage is a linear system that has the role of removing the water that runs off from an area into the underground drainage system. It essentially acts the same as a guttering system, but instead of sitting on the edge of a roofing system, it lies on the edge of a ground level project.  For example, if you have a walkway that is on a slight gradient, you may look to install channel drainage as it creates an easy route for the water to disburse to.

The system relies on the force of gravity and that’s why it is always located at the end of an inclined or ramped area. The channel drain lengths themselves are built into the driveway on a slight incline in order for them to run in line with the underground drainage system. This may be soakaway crates, for example.

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Will the channel drain be able to cope with heavy loads?

When purchasing channel drainage, you must be aware of the load ratings as each one is given a class. For example, if we look at the A15 class, it will tell you that it has a load rating of 1 1/2 tonnes. This is the most frequently brought one as it is what is used for driveways and patios etc.

If you want to know more on loading classes, you can check out our blog where we discuss this further here!

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A quick guide on what to remember when installing channel drainage?

  1.  The first point to remember is that the channel drain will be sat on a bed of 50mm of concrete.
  2. Always mark a line 3mm below where the finished surface will be.
  3. When laying the concrete base, make sure it is level with enough space for the channel drainage unit.
  4. When connecting your channel drains together, remember that they are 1m. However, if they do not fit into the area that you are fitting them, the best course of action is to use a hacksaw to adjust the size of them.
  5. Don’t forget to use either end caps or a connection that can send the runoff water into a drainage system. You can use either. It depends which you would rather use.
  6. When laying the drainage channel on the top of the concrete, it ensures that there is a small incline going towards the drain outlet.
  7. Replace any pacing around the channel drains before fitting the grating that must be at least 3mm beneath the level of paving.

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