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Land Drainage Pipes

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What is Land Drainage Pipe?

Our single wall perforated land drainage pipe can be employed as a collector drain for the elimination of excess surface water on gardens and areas to a suitable collection point. Not suitable as a dispersal drain for Septic Tanks. For this purpose please use perforated sewer pipes, which are available in our underground drainage section.

Designed to be used in the sport and leisure industries as well as the agriculture, our land drainage pipe systems are also kitemarked to BS 4962 and are manufactured from uPVC or HDPE. They are flexible, powerful and easy to install supplying water flow. We can provide: a complete range of fittings, un-perforated, fin drain and Perforated. We can also provide Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Silt Traps and Headwall Units. Supplied in a range of sizes.

In waterlogged areas, carefully packed soil particles hold the water set up -- there's not any escape route to the water. A route to the water is generated, since the gap between each piece of shingle is greater than the gaps between the soil particles by replacing most these dirt particles with material like shingle. Gravity takes the water and hold picks up speed, to the land drain and channelling downwards itself through the perforations in the pipe. Once in the pipe, which can be placed in a gradient, the water is free to stream away unhindered into the point of disposal. Unlike underground ducting where colour is an indicator of what's within the duct, colour is irrelevant in regards to land drains.They are pipes that allow water to enter through perforations. The water flows away to some disposal point like a soakaway, a storm drain or a stream. You should check to confirm your preferred point of outfall is permissible. Land Drains shouldn't be attached to a drain that was foul or joint without the consent of the Local Authority, and in these situations the relationship must incorporate a trap.

They are flexible, powerful and simple to install providing water stream.
Although 80mm and 100mm are the sizes for applications, the diameter of the pipes varies from 60mm to 150mm. Although coils can be found in a few of the sizes, lengths are 25m or 50m. Where is a need for strength in the pipe, a perforated Twinwall pipe ought to be used rather than the coiled alternative. Examples of this would be in which the pipe is buried down and the material over the pipe is heavy or in cases such as.