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Our budget manhole bases and risers are manufactured in the UK and are kitemarked, meaning they’ve been tested and approved for use. The come 320mm and 450mm in size and have a 110m or 160mm outlet size. They are compatible with Polypipe and other major brands made to the same size.

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More Information on EasyMerchant's Budget Manhole Bases:

Polypropylene (PP) Inspection Chambers have a diameter of 280-550mm and cost far less than their concrete counterparts. Raising pieces (risers) are utilised to deal with deeper drains up to a maximum of 1 metre; anything more profound than 1000mm requires a brick-built or concrete section manhole. The 110mm forms have 5 inlets and one outlet; unused inlets are stoppered to prevent ingress of spoil. The manhole base unit should be placed on a 100mm thick bed of concrete and the raising pieces checked for plumb (verticality) prior to backfilling. If placed within a driveway or other trafficked area, they ought to be surrounded with 150mm of concrete all around to avoid deformation, and a heavy duty cover used. The manhole base chamber, or lifting pieces, can easily be cut with a saw to accommodate the framework for the cover at the correct level.

Our budget Inspection Chambers in 320mm and 470mm are suitable for depths of 600mm for the 320mm manhole bases and 3000mm for the 470mm manhole bases. As long as the appropriate reducing ring is used under the manhole cover after 1.2mts. 470mm Manhole Bases are fine for installation to a level invert depth of 1200mm. The 320mm bases come with two additional inlets for connection to the sewer pipe. The 470mm bases come with 4 inlets.

Our budget Plastic Manhole Base Covers are built to withstand loads up to 35Kn. Stainless steel screws are supplied with the cover and frame to ensure secure fixing to the risers. The risers come supplies with a sealing ring that's pre-lubricated for easy installation.

So that the manhole bases are complaint with Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document H (Drainage & Waste Disposal) a 350mm reducing ring is to be installed for heights above 1200mm, to a maximum of 3000mm invert depth.

Our budget manhole bases also come "BBA Approved" which means that they've been tested to the highest standards and will perform beyond all expectations.

Manhole Base Invert Depths:

320mm Manhole Base = 185mm
320mm Manhole Riser = 140mm
470mm Manhole Base = 225mm
470mm Manhole Riser = 235mm