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Compression Waste Pipes & Fittings

Compression waste pipes and fittings are perfect from adapting from either a solvent or push fit system. They comes with a screwed cap which tightens onto the pipe for a water tight seal. Available in 32 and 40mm and white in colour.

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More Information on Compression Waste Pipe and Fittings:

If you're looking for compression waste pipe fittings, you're in the right place! At EasyMerchant, we carry a massive stock of plumbing components - so whether you're working on a quick DIY job at home, or taking on plumbing installations across a full street of new builds, we'll provide what you need at an unbeatable price.

From 3m runs of plain pipe to tees, reducers, couplers and clips - we've got you covered.

What are compression waste pipes?

These kind of compression waste pipes are sometimes known as 'mechanical' waste pipe fittings. Rather than rely on a poly cement to create and hold the joint between components, a compression waste fitting 'grabs' the pipe it's fitting around.

To do this, it has a threaded section moulded into the design of the fitting. An outer collar screws onto this thread - and between the two, a thick o-ring sits.

How does a compression waste fitting work?

Compression waste fittings are incredibly easy to use. First, you should loosen the collar (sometimes referred to as a 'cap') on the end of the fitting you're connecting into.

You can then push your 'male' section of pipe into the fitting - going neatly through the collar and the rubber ring inside. It will be a reasonably snug fit at this stage - but not watertight.

Watertightness is achieved by the screwing the cap or collar down - and as it tightens onto the thread, the rubber ring inside clamps the pipe that's been inserted. Tightening the compression fitting by hand is usually adequate for pipework of this size - but when this type of fitting is used on much larger pipes (60mm and upwards) it's a good idea to use a dedicated tool to ensure there's enough torque to make the connection fully waterproof.

What are 30 & 40mm compression waste pipe fittings made of?

These compression waste pipe fittings are all made of a tough polypropylene.

Polypropylene is inert - which means it is not reactive to chemicals passing through it or in the surrounding atmosphere. This makes it the ideal material for use in plumbing - as it ensures a long life, even if harsh cleaning chemicals are used - or if chemicals are washed down the sinks or basins it's attached to.

Polypropylene is also very light - which makes it more cost effective than traditional plumbing materials to ship. We always keep our shipping costs as low as possible here at EasyMerchant - but lighter products mean lower costs and more environmentally-sound logistics.

Our Compression Waste Parts Meet UK and European Standards

We work in the trade, so we know how important it is to know you're using high-quality components that you can fit and forget.

This is why every product we supply in all our plumbing and drainage ranges meets with strict British and European standards relating to manufacturing quality. In fact, in most cases, our products don't just meet the standards - they exceed them by a long way.

Our full range is compliant with EN1566-1.

Ideal for fitting into any type of system

Compression fittings are an ideal component to have to hand - because they can be used effectively in other systems - namely, push-fit systems and solvent weld systems.

It's generally considered best practice to stick to one type of waste system in a home or property - but a compression fitting allows for quick repairs if a section needs to be cut out of a solvent system.

They also create a useful 'bridge' between solvent and push-fit system - since the tapered washer inside the collar can be screwed down to take up the big external size differences between solvent and push-fit.

Cost comparison

Compression fittings require additional manunfacturing processes compared to push fit and solvent systems - so that means the price is slightly higher than these other waste pipe systems.

However, compression parts are generally considered to be easier to work with than cheaper solvent parts, so the slight increase in price is often off-set by the time involved with fitting.

When you deal with Easy Merchant, you can expect the highest levels of customer service from any materials provider

When you talk to us about products or have questions that need answering, you can be confident that you're talking to a team of people who understand the job you're working on.

We have backgrounds in various trades, so we can give you real hand-on advice about which products to select and how they can be installed. Whether you're browsing our site or laid under a sink working on an installation, you're welcome to call, use our email adress, or instant message, and we'll answer your question as quickly as possible. In the rare instance we don't have an immediate answer for you, we'll go away and find out.

Always outstanding prices for waste pipes - no matter how big or small your order

Need a single fitting for a quick waste system repair job? No problem. Need thousands of parts to stock your fleet of vans? Again, no problem.

When you shop for materials with EasyMerchant, you'll always get the best price, whether you're buying in a bulk or buying a few items. This is because we negotiate the industry's best prices with our suppliers and manufacturers. Lower wholesale prices doesn't mean more money in our pockets though - it means the lowest possible prices for our customers.