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Order Compression Waste Pipe & Fittings 32 & 40mm Available in White

Compression waste fittings are perfect from adapting from either a solvent or push fit system. They comes with a screwed cap which tightens onto the pipe for a water tight seal.  Available in 32 and 40mm and white in colour.

More Information on Compression Waste Pipe and Fittings:

Easy to fit and easy to handle, our compression waste pipe range offers the specifier and the installer the best of both worlds - excellent merchandise, and a specification product at a price to match anything available on the market. Manufactured from polypropylene, the polypropylene compression waste system is white in colour and comes in two sizes, 32 & 40mm. The range accepts pipe compliant with EN1566-1.

Our compression waste system fully conforms to the European standards and offers a comprehensive selection of compression waste fittings to meet with every requirement.

Waste pipe compression fittings are extremely useful because they may be used to link solvent weld pipe to push fit waste pipe. Lots of people struggle with linking waste pipes because there's a massive gap between the outside diameter of a 32mm solvent weld pipe and a 32mm push fit pipe. Since the compression waste fitting uses a tapered washer can be used on either of the two pipes with the few millimetre gap between the two. 40mm solvent weld pipe and 40mm push fit pipe also includes a massive difference between the two unique forms of pipe, but this is easily rectified with a 40mm compression fitting.

The compression or mechanical waste system provides the best of both worlds. It's simple to install and fix and also provides an extremely strong seal, however the compression waste system does come at an extra cost due to the extra parts required during fabrication.

At EasyMerchant we attempt to bring you the finest quality items at the best possible prices. We also wish to send them to you as fast and accurately as you can. That is why we're positive you'll be delighted with some of the waste pipe systems available and return again the next time you are in need!